These guys have no Valentine’s Day love.Here are the 10 most hated players in the SEC

These guys have no Valentine's Day love.Here are the 10 most hated players in the SEC

These guys have no Valentine’s Day love.Here are the 10 most hated players in the SEC


The SEC basketball team is here to save you – starting on Valentine’s Day. If your candy hearts, flower boxes, and stuffed bears are more than your fair share, let’s turn to another powerful emotion: disgust. Over the years – most recently, of course – SEC basketball has given us a lot of roles to get the league’s blood going – but it’s more of a “want to kill that guy” than a way of loving.

First a disclaimer: Opposing fans don’t waste time hating the last man on the bench. All the most hated SEC basketball can be played. Second, your least-favorite player is unquestionably left out…and your school’s all-time favorite is playing out. Sorry, not sorry.Here are the 10 most hated basketball players of all time with the SEC — in no particular order

Matt Walsh, Florida

Hate Matt Walsh so much.Weird, shaggy hair, beautiful girlfriends (playmate Lauren Anderson Brignac – yes, boys, that was before people read playboy for articles), titled trash talk, and all SEC level productions. Walsh had 1,301 points and 192 3-pointers in three seasons with the Florida Gators. But anyone who remembers him (not a diehard Alligator fan) will remember the special nails on the blackboard during his games.

Marshall Henderson, old lady

With Henderson, the constant trash talk and drama (he sticks his tongue out more than Michael Jordan) is balanced with some erratic responses. Maybe no one on this list has more fans wondering if one is that annoying…or just that crazy. Henderson started his career in Utah but came to Ole Miss from South Plains Junior College. He led the Rebels to the SEC Championship and scored 1,293 points in 2 seasons as Rebel. Whether he’s taunting opposing fans or getting his team in or out of games, Henderson is never boring.

DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky

An All-American talent who always had a healthy chip on his shoulders, Cousins’ physicality and willingness to talk to anyone at any time made him a regular target of anger for those who didn’t appreciate Big Blue. The notorious Clay Travis tweeted that Cousins ​​would be arrested in 5 years. Five years later, when Boogie avoided that fate, he hit back at Travis on social media. Perhaps the most iconic image of Cousins’ season in Kentucky was when Mississippi fans somehow got his cell phone number and targeted countless calls before facing Kentucky, only for Cousins ​​in Starkville game by imitating the phone and saying “call me” after dunking at the Bulldogs.

Tennessee John Fulkerson

Sadly, the SEC lacks the Grayson Allen type, especially when it comes to failure and cunning and on-court play. But Fulki would love to be that person. Running around like the world’s largest ragdoll, his 6-foot-10 frame, the endlessly rushing Fulkerson either attracts more charges or creates more failures than anyone in SEC memory. Of course, he’s already in his sixth season in Knoxville, so the fact that he’s arguably older than Perry Ellis doesn’t lower his loathing quotient. With 1,041 career points and almost as many inconsistent fouls, Fulkerson earned the spot.

Collis Williamson, Arkansas

Just a few years ago, Arkansas had some of the worst, hippest (that’s the word) group of players in the country. Nolan Richardson has Scottie Thurman under his belt, and his sheer jumper takes him beyond issues like fan disgust. They have Corey Baker and he’s just a winner. They have Dwight Stewart, who is way too fat (which probably keeps Big Baby Davis off this list). They also have Collis, who has only a slightly better view of himself than reality. In 3 years at Arkansas, Williamson scored 1,728 points and led the Pigs to a national championship. If he’s on your team, you love him. If he wasn’t, you wouldn’t particularly like his shenanigans.

George Noah, FL

Like Williamson, Noah earned that spot by being the big dog on the national championship team. or two. Weird hairstyles, affluent lifestyles, and near-spectral twitches, it’s not hard to find fans who can’t stand Noah. His Gator resume: 3 years, 2 championships, 1,133 points, and a bunch of SEC haters who watched him struggle through the NBA like a nod to the way Florida dominated college basketball when he was at the helm for 2 years Retaliation is the same.

Jamal Magloire, Kentucky

Just ask former Duke hate legend Wojo, another all-time college basketball anti-Valentine. Have we not recovered from Billy Packer’s conscience, Wojo’s image was twisted with Magloire late in the 1998 NCAA Regional Finals. “What did he do to Wacho?” Parker screamed. Only Wojo can unravel and bounce back. But in Packer’s defense, Magloire has history. From knocking down the mascot to nearly sparking an argument for a serious foul at the end of the Kentucky/Louisville game, Magloire has been on edge. A key reserve for the 1998 British Championship, Magloire scored 1,064 points for Kentucky. At times, it looked like he might have committed 1,064 stares and serious fouls.

Tony Harris, Tennessee

How legendary is Tony Harris? Back in the 2001 game against Kentucky, he was battling almost in casual clothes. A Memphis legend, Harris has been swaggering for days. His 1,588 points in UT make the Vols a team to watch and possibly despise. The good news for opposing teams is that he’s shooting under 38 percent from the field, so there’s a good chance he’ll shoot the Vols out of the game just as much as he shoots them in. Plus, he somehow fought side by side…

Ron Sly, Tennessee

SEC basketball’s version of the Pistons’ McFilthy and McNasty, Slay chattered, coaxed and pushed his career to 1,569 points. Slay is strong, loud and always present, and somehow he earns some extra points for his ubiquitous headband. At least unlike the future Vol Wayne Chism, he does wear it on his head, not the top.

Teddy Dupe, Florida

Along with Harris, Dupe packs the highest quotient basketball villain into the smallest size with a 5 to 10 physique. Flashy to the point of being distracting, Dupuy always seemed to think college basketball didn’t fit his celebrity qualities. A gambling scandal disqualified him from college basketball, but despite scoring 980 points in his 3 years at UF, Dupay could have been betting on the disgust of non-Gator SEC basketball fans.

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