There’s no Halloween or Valentine’s Day for kids in East Lansing, Michigan.

There's no Halloween or Valentine's Day for kids in East Lansing, Michigan.

There’s no Halloween or Valentine’s Day for kids in East Lansing, Michigan.


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — The East Lansing School District is canceling Halloween and Valentine’s Day festivities. Parents in East Lansing have received a letter from the school district telling them they don’t have to send their children to school in uniform this Halloween.

One parent, Rebecca Rook, said her children were saddened to hear the news.

“I was disappointed because the kids had a great time and enjoyed the holiday,” Luke said. “We got letters that mentioned Valentine’s Day and they didn’t want to focus on a holiday about love. However, I think kids can use kindness in their lives.”

Assistant Superintendent Glenn Meacham said their decision to celebrate Halloween and Valentine’s Day at school was not for everyone.

“Every year we have kids crying on Halloween,” Meacham said. “If they can’t bring a dress to school, we try to get them an outfit. But maybe it’s not the outfit they want? Maybe it’s not as good as someone else’s.”

Tina Alonzo, MSU’s diversity and equity administrator, said she’s glad the district is trying to be more inclusive, but said there’s more than one way to handle the situation.

“I think if kids feel any pressure to adapt, maybe cancel? Maybe it’s changing the approach? Diversity. Equity and inclusion are key. Everyone needs to feel valued,” she said. “Everyone needs to be respected.”

Even though the decision not to celebrate was well-intentioned, Luke said her children were heartbroken.

“They love seeing their friends dressed up. So, it’s a disappointment right now,” Rooker said.

Assistant Superintendent Meacham said the district is fully supportive of families celebrating the way they want outside of school, but doesn’t feel it’s appropriate in the classroom.

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