The SC community you may have never heard of ❤️

The SC community you may have never heard of ❤️

The SC community you may have never heard of ❤️


Valentine’s Day, South Carolina (WTOC) – Valentine’s Day is obviously known for love, but one of our reporters went out and ventured to find something else…

This is finding a small area in South Carolina before most people within a few miles of it didn’t even know it existed.

On February 14th, a day to look for Valentine’s Day in pink, an area called Valentine’s Day, according to a quick search, is somewhere in Hampton County. So, out the door, we’re ready to explore and find this doomed romantic place…or so we think.

I was in the town of Estel, just outside the area where a Google search showed Valentine’s Day, and no one even knew what it was!

“Nobody’s heard of this place. It’s new! I called and people were saying what you were talking about,” said MacDonald Hamilton, director of public works at Estiel.

I started asking everyone I could. And tell those who talk to me that I know very little, but some don’t believe me!

“At first I thought it was a joke, it was a sick joke at first.”

She asked a longtime local colleague at City Hall and said she hadn’t heard of it either, but then we broke the case for the first time.

But then one of the people I spoke to found someone who not only heard about it, but knew where to find it!

“A gentleman in the Estill at the hardware store told me where it was.”

He gave me directions, and after a few minutes of driving through the woods, I found only one thing about Valentine… this abandoned church.

That’s it, the only building in Valentine, South Carolina, it’s a church, which makes sense – where people get married, and love is above all else. Well, even people who work within a mile of this place don’t even know it’s here.

“I’ve heard of Valentine in South Carolina, yes, I’ve heard of it, but I don’t think I’ve ever been there,” said Carlo Buharriot, who works less than a mile from Valentine.

“If I told you, you’re less than a quarter of a mile from it now,” asked Tyler Manion of the WTOC.

“Really? I’ve been sending a snapchat on my snapchat and it mentions Valentine’s Day in South Carolina…I’m like in Luray.”

He’s clearing land along the street from the church, and although he’s still working today, the happily married man says Valentine’s Day has a special place in his life.

“It just reminded us of everything we’ve been through together and we just looked back and was like wow, we’ve come a long way.”

Looking back at this church, who knows how many people have used this as a reason to prove their love for each other. While it may no longer be active, the magic of this otherwise empty area is, especially on this day – February 14th.

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