The Pig Chinese Zodiac Child: Caring and Sincere

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The Pig Chinese Zodiac Child: Caring and Sincere

Very sensitive and gentle, Pig children are always hurrying to help those in need, even people they don’t know anything about. They have a noble soul and are never offending, not to mention they love sharing their toys.

However, all this doesn’t mean they aren’t determined and focused to achieve their goals. They’re only acting in a gentle and tactful manner, without ever offending. Attached to their family, they’re also the most devoted and loyal youngsters.

The Pig Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Pig babies are caring and nurturing, as well as loyal to their families, though their simple natures can set them up for disappointment later in life.
  • The Boy: Noble and honest, he aspires to be as strong as possible and doesn’t fear confrontation.
  • The Girl: A girl with a huge heart, she indulges in her emotions even when she doesn’t mean to.
  • Advice for Parents: Because of their selfless nature parents of Pig children should teach them about the harsher realities of the world and of the people that inhabit it.

Being simple and rather naïve sometimes, others find it very easy to trick them. Many would say they’re stupid, just because they believe everyone and everything. However, they aren’t. As a matter of fact, they’re very smart, just that they don’t believe people can also have a negative and deceiving side.

This is because they’re very honest themselves. It’s very likely for them to often end up disappointed in life for these reasons.

Pig Baby Girl

Gentle, needing love and to be understood, the Pig little girl makes others feel sorry for her because she’s very naïve. She has a big heart and takes others’ problems onto herself, especially of those she really loves.

It’s unlikely for her to ever argue, even if she may be completely right. She’s rather soft and prefers to grieve when alone, all because she doesn’t want to be in the center of attention.

Her parents are the most important people on Earth for her, so she gives them gifts she makes herself. She’s the happiest when the home environment is cozy and comfortable.

The peace of her family matters to her more than anything. When it comes to tastes, she doesn’t like or want expensive or beautiful things.

Pig Baby Boy

The Pig boy is like a noble knight. He fights hard to make his dreams come true, always showing dignity and running away from lies, yet he often doesn’t recognize them.

He attracts friends because he’s very sharp. What he likes doing the most is reading stories of courage and wisdom. He respects everyone and would never tell a lie or deceive.

Unforgiving when it comes to treachery, he can also be cruel and easy to anger. When upset, he no longer controls his own emotions and doesn’t hesitate to fight. Physically strong and simply in love with sports, he usually wins in competitions of this nature.

Pig Child Personality

In the Eastern culture, the Pig represents nobility, prosperity and purity of heart. Children having this animal as their patron are honest, reliable, determined and well intentioned. At the same time, they’re calm and peaceful.

However, if angered, they’re no longer in control of their emotions and become cruel, obstinate and vindictive. Their personality and behavior depend a lot on the element of their birth year. Naturally happy and always optimistic, they love spending time with their friends and not being involved in conflicts.

It would be a mistake to think that they have no will because if they have a goal, no one and nothing can stop them from achieving it.

They do want to make others happy, so they’re peacemakers at heart. For these reasons, they should pursue a career in psychology or teaching. Everyone loves them for being intelligent and discrete, also very attentive to what they’re doing.

They can’t understand people who act erratically and have a temper. Their parents adore them for their simplicity and unpretentious desires, also for understanding any adult matter. However, they shouldn’t take advantage of their goodwill.

It’s true they can agree with anything and don’t make a scene when situations are unfavourable, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be protected from harshness.

At the same time, they should be told that the world can be a cruel place in which many are trying to deceive them.

When loving someone, Pig children don’t hide their feelings. On the contrary, they abandon themselves in devotion. They’re also very sincere and feel guilty for their loved ones’ mistakes.

Their parents should give their best to understand their inner world and most intense emotions. It’s humbling to see them being compassionate and so kind, so they can be an example to follow, even if they’re only children.

Pig Baby Health

Even from birth, Pig children have very strong health, so their parents are very happy to see them eating well. In school, they can focus, so their teachers make an example out of them.

However, they can love food too much, which means they may have problems with their weight. This can happen when they’re adolescents and when their problems seem overwhelming. Their parents will have to make an effort to keep them exercising more.

They have a strong immunity and usually bounce back from colds almost immediately. While cheerful and happy most of the time, they also have the tendency to reflect on the deepest matters.

Because they don’t talk about their negative emotions or divulge when they’re hurting, they may develop problems with their internal organs. It’s very likely for them to have respiratory or gastrointestinal problems.

Hobbies of Pig Children

Pig children love to showcase their talents from a young age. When having a goal, they can move proverbial mountains in order to achieve it. Their tastes are refined and they have a thing for colors.

They begin to read and write earlier than other children. If they decide to write their own stories, they make up characters that are very funny and quite complex.

At the same time, they’re very talented and designing. Being strong and physically developed in a harmonious way, they’re very good at tennis, roller skating and basketball.

Their parents should encourage them to train every day and to listen to their coach. With friends, they prefer talking rather than playing. Working in teams makes them happy.

Making Friends

Pig children are loyal and loving almost to a fault. They always think of others and have the tendency to keep their friends for a lifetime. When asked for their help, they don’t hesitate to give it, not to mention they’re very generous with their pocket money.

Many other kids love them for being charming, fun and at the same time organized. Pig youngsters get along very well with Goats and Rabbits. They easily fall victims to Monkeys’ tricks.

Study for Pig-Child

Diligent and loving to study any subject, Pig children do very well in school. They see teachers as mentors and have special aptitude for the humanitarian sciences.

Their good mood and high spirits make them appreciated in class. They never contradict their teachers and would rather keep quiet than express anything.

They like participating at any project, from the school’s talent show to the running competitions out in the field. No matter what they may be doing, they always give everything they’ve got. Their colleagues love them because they’re kind and funny.

How to Raise Your Pig Kid

Pig children wouldn’t even hurt a fly. They’re very honest and have the noblest soul. In case their family is going through trouble, they suffer a lot and don’t talk about it. This is why adults should not fight in front of them, nor tell them if the financial situation at home is close to desperate.

Efforts should also be made to never offend these kids, especially since they’re the ones always ready to make sacrifices for others, even for strangers and distant relatives.

Poets at heart, they need to learn how to be firmer and more determined. Their parents should teach them how to put themselves first because they’re just too gullible and self-sacrificing.

They make great efforts to keep everyone happy and are very serious about this. For this reason, many want to be their best friends. Reliable, constant and determined to succeed, they persevere when others are giving up.

If going through failure, they should be encouraged to move on. What’s great about them is that they’re easy to teach, which means their parents don’t have a problem with them understanding and being self-aware.

Pig children who resort to drugs and alcohol in their adolescence can grow up to be dependent on these substances. Besides, they have a tendency to attract people with a bad reputation, just because they feel the need to help everyone. For these reasons, their parents should pay great attention to what they’re doing and what friends they have.

Generous and kind, children born in the year of the Pig can’t say no and are always determined to fulfil their promises, even those of them who aren’t very wise. They should be taught how to use their efforts in a more efficient manner because they have the tendency to exhaust themselves.

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