The Only Men’s Grooming List You’ll Need

Valentine's Day

The Only Men’s Grooming List You’ll Need


This Valentine’s Day, they say dress to impress, but is that really enough? In our book, the well-dressed gentleman always wins! Here’s your must-have men’s grooming list for your V-Day date.

Too many men take a slap-and-sprint approach when grooming. However, gone are the days when all you need is some cologne or aftershave to get the job done. As you know, men’s grooming is much more complex these days and requires the same or more attention than your wardrobe. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you’re planning to go out or stay at home, if you want to impress your special someone, the beauty game is a must. Be someone who can take care of yourself, smell good, and feel good.

So get your essentials ready, check your regime, and when you’re done, revisit this date night grooming list.

Valentine’s Day 2022: Men’s Grooming Guide

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Nail Art Your Nail Care

Are your thoughts on nail care limited to cutting your nails every once in a while? Even for men, there’s more nail care and grooming. Dirty, long nails don’t need to explain why they’re a big no! If you want a manicure or pedicure, go for it, have fun and relax, but if you’d rather stay at home and take care of these, polishing your nails is a great way to ensure they naturally stay healthy and shiny. For extra kudos, at Get your nails trimmed after you’ve cut them so the sharp edges don’t get caught on clothing and cause breakage.

stretch out your best hand

Needless to say, whether it’s a business transaction or a date night, your hands are the first point of contact. So it’s no surprise that making sure your hands are well-hydrated is an important part of men’s grooming. If hands feel like sandpaper, no one will clamor to hold hands, and if you tend to do manual work, your skin is more prone to calluses and cracks. To make sure you’re making the right impression, use a hand cream that hydrates and revitalizes your skin.

Trim Differences

Little things make a world of difference, and that’s the case with nose hair. While they’re very important to keep all unwanted particles out of your nose, long, visible pieces are not good for you. So, pull out your trusty nose trimmers and clip them for a cleaner look. The market is flooded with affordable and great options, so grab one of your own and tick it off your men’s grooming list.

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A little lip balm goes a long way

An ideal smile isn’t just about white teeth, it’s accompanied by soft and moist lips that can be easily achieved with just one simple tool – lip balm. Chapped lips are a big nuisance, they can flake, crack, and even bleed, making your flirting attempts sour. So, if you find yourself constantly plagued by dry and chapped lips, it’s time to use a lip balm that will give you much-needed moisture.

floss but not dance

White teeth and a minty scent precede pearl white. Knowing that oral hygiene is a vital step in beauty, it all seems simple and common sense, and without further discussion, it’s rather unappealing to see last night’s food stuck between someone’s teeth. The solution is simple, the daily habit of flossing can avoid any surprises, and it’s always wise to carry mints with you.

pruning and training

Whether you prefer a beard or prefer a clean shaved look, it’s important that whatever you choose, you keep it neat. However, now that beards have moved beyond mere trend status, the maintenance of any facial hair should be an important step in your grooming regime. Keep your beard tame just above the upper lip and pay attention to the details of the beard. Keeping unwanted neck hair is just as important.


Finding a signature scent is as important as fitting clothes. Fragrance has become a key accessory that plays an important role in defining your personality. Also, it turns out that a man who smells good can become more attractive. However, having said that, instead of spraying a full bottle when you go out, the idea is to use a cologne, aftershave, or perfume to compliment. So find a blend or two you like and use it sparingly.

Now that you’ve ticked off your wish list, you’re ready to head out for Valentine’s Day!

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