The Non-Judged Guide to Giving Your Pet Valentine’s Day Gifts

The Non-Judged Guide to Giving Your Pet Valentine's Day Gifts

The Non-Judged Guide to Giving Your Pet Valentine’s Day Gifts


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Wouldn’t it be nice to give a Valentine’s Day gift to someone with no expectations? Say, who doesn’t secretly crave a diamond necklace when you give them a subscription box of beef jerky? Who doesn’t watch your packaging work that includes packing tape in disbelief? Who wouldn’t do the dishes more loudly seeing those crooked 7-11 carnations? Give a neglected group eight Valentine’s Day 2022 gifts this holiday season—your pet or family member is most likely to be just as excited about gifts, discarded packaging, and the people behind it all. (For whom, we’re pretty sure a beef jerky subscription box would be a hit.) Wall Street Journal. Magazine’s Editor’s Choice:

taken away

Photo: Hermes

There’s nothing more luxurious than taking your Fido with you. ($2700, Hermes Net)

cat napping

Photo: Meyou Paris

Sleeping cocoon for kittens with a stylish sculptural look. (about $145,


Photo: Courtesy of Maxbone

Doggy retailer Maxbone has teamed up with “Hot Girl Walk” weight brand Bala for three chic toys. ($45, largest bone mesh)

Double or nothing

Photo: Courtesy of Alessi

Homeware brand Alessi makes stainless steel cat bowls for cats who have it all. ($87,

cozy puppy

Photo: Courtesy of LLBean, Inc.

A classic LL Bean fleece jacket to keep you warm for the rest of the winter. (20 dollars,

puppy bowl

Photo: Courtesy of Yeti

Sturdy water containers from everyone’s favorite thermos company. ($40, Snowman Net)

dog is tired

Photo: Courtesy of Jax & Bones

Comfortable dog lounge chair in stylish pattern. (Starting at $119,

chew wisely

Photo: Earth Animals

A healthy treat to stock up on as they’re sure to come quickly. ($10.50,

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