The Irishman is a Valentine’s Day Movie

The Irishman is a Valentine's Day Movie

The Irishman is a Valentine’s Day Movie


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February 14th. A day of chocolate, roses, romance and teamwork. If you’re in love this coming Monday, well, bully you. But for those of us lonely souls, February 14 may mean only one thing…

… Jimmy Hoffa’s birthday! Pooh! Everyone knows that on February 14, 1913, the mob-connected labor leader who put the truckers on strike was a moral union before they became the alt-right.People shouldn’t hand out Valentine’s Day gifts saying, “I choo-choo – choose you”; they should make ones that say, “Hoffadays happy!” Knowing this fun fact, we think there’s no better than Martin Scorsese’s 2019 Movies Better Valentine’s Day Movies Irishman. Of course, this is probably one of the least romantic movies ever made. It doesn’t even romanticize violence, let alone kissing in it. But please be patient.

First, the thing is three and a half hours long and available on Netflix. If you’re wondering if your partner really loves you, just see if they can stand up to 209 minutes of incredible de-aging techniques. After staring into the eyes of the icy blue soulless video game character of Frank Sheeran played by Robert De Niro, they’ll stare desperately at your real human eyeballs. So romantic!

second, Irishman Everywhere people give each other sweet little gifts. The men let their wives buy jewelry at a mob-owned store on their little murder road trip. “Uncle Russell” (Joe Pesci) presents baby Anna Paquin with figure skates for Christmas; Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino) presents Frank with a gold watch at the party. And, in the most romantic gesture, Russell gave Frank a mafia ring, tying him to the Bufalino crime syndicate and securing his loyalty.if you Want to get a special ring that represents loyalty, or if your love language is a gift, this might give your partner a hint and a push.

Plus, you can get all sorts of special Valentine’s dinner inspiration from the meals in this movie. Not only did Hoffa indulge in some decadent fudge sundaes (sexy), but Frank and Russell shared a variety of intimate meals together. You can enjoy bread wine and a pre-murder salad with a good vinegar for two. There’s also a built-in romantic soundtrack. The movie opens and ends with a dance song from “Quiet Night” by Wuren Duan. Sure, its haunting echoes in the lonely halls of nursing homes mean sadness, regret, and loss…but it’s still slow dance fodder.

finally, Irishman Model good relationships of all types. Peggy away from her killer dad? This is called setting healthy boundaries. Hollywood heartthrob Jesse Plemons delivers fish to his friends, no one asked? This is an act of selfless giving. Russell’s mafia royal wife offers to deal with his murder clothes for him as they both are on the same wavelength. Throughout the film, Jimmy Hoffa expresses that being late for a date is wrong; it’s disrespectful. “You can’t make one person wait,” he said, and it’s a good lesson for everyone. So this Valentine’s Day, snuggle up and watch Martin Scorsese’s sad gangster movie full of short, old babes and paint your house with love!

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