‘The holidays are great’: How Bachmann is preparing for Valentine’s Day – WCCO

'The holidays are great': How Bachmann is preparing for Valentine's Day – WCCO

‘The holidays are great’: How Bachmann is preparing for Valentine’s Day – WCCO


Minneapolis (WCCO​​) – Bachman’s Floral will cut and ship over 100,000 flowers over the next 36 hours for Valentine’s Day.

The family-owned store, which opened in the 1880s, said Monday will be the biggest sale of the year, aside from Mother’s Day.

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“I grew up in the flower industry,” said Bachman’s CEO Susan Bachmann. “Valentine’s Day is probably one of my favorite holidays because it’s really when you think about all the people in your life that you care about and show them their emotions that mean something to you.”

The store said it is using the help of more than 50 delivery drivers who will deliver flowers directly to homes on the subway.

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This year, with the holidays coming a day after the Super Bowl, Bachman said their stores are heavily reliant on an in-store partnership with the Lunds & Byerlys chain.

“If they buy chips and salsa at the grocery store, they can also buy a beautiful bouquet,” Bachman said.

“I’m going to buy some flowers for my mom,” Sarah Burke said as she picked a bouquet at Lunds & Byerlys. “Especially in Minnesota, when it feels so cold, it’s a nice, bouncy feeling that warms people up and makes their day that much better.”

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“It’s important, and you have to make time for it,” Mike Bartley said as he picked roses for his wife and daughter. “It’s a great reminder, and a great way to do it. When you put the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day back-to-back, that’s a lot of calories, and I’m excited about that.”

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