The Dinner Game (nationwide) – Team Build

The Dinner Game (nationwide) - Team Build

The Dinner Game (nationwide) – Team Build

The Dinner Game is an entertaining quiz where teams are challenged to solve fun questions before, during or after dinner.

The game is designed to entertain, bring out laughter and initiate fun discussions. It’s the perfect ice breaker! The teams are made up of 3-8 people and the game is run in a series of rounds. Depending on their particular strengths the teams choose what level of difficulty they want to go for. Time is short so choosing the right strategy is vital!

Two formats to choose from to make the perfect quiz night.

MC format, our professional MC reads out the questions or shows you a photo or video displayed on our big screen and the teams answer these on the tablet. This creates a traditional quiz type event where all teams are answering the same questions at the same time.

Another Dinner Game option is to have teams run independently going at whatever speed they choose and answer any topic they choose with questions displayed on the tablet. Teams can be on different questions or event different topics.

Topics generally include sports, history, geography, politics, entertainment and it that was not enough to choose from we can even add questions of your choice, such as your own company or team project.

Tailor the activity by embedding corporate-specific missions. This is a great way to make the experience even more engaging!

A great night, thank you. Your murder mystery last year, the Dinner Game this year, can’t wait for what you planned for us next year :D” HSBC

“Thanks a million for last night, everyone really enjoyed itMERCK

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