The Detail Oriented Realist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

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The Detail Oriented Realist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac


  • The dates of the Libra zodiac sign are between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • Whilst rarely irritable, these people prefer not to engage in debates with others.
  • The otherwise composed Libra Rabbit woman can sometimes be very conflicted.
  • Professional success carries an important significance to the Libra Rabbit man.

The character of these people combines the best and the worst features of the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign and the Western sign of the Libra.

Warm-hearted and sensitive like the Rabbit and composed and realistic like the Libra, these people are also overly sensible and easily offended as well as worrisome.

The Realistic Libra Rabbit Personality

Libra Rabbits are one of the most calm and patient individuals in the entire Zodiac. Nothing can destroy their focus and lead them astray.

Any sort of problematic situation or issue is quickly resolved with the utmost efficiency and control. Furthermore, being born with a flair for the ingenious and high-class aspect of life, these natives are very communicative and talkative with people.

Although pretty acceptable and tolerant of all people, they are still sophisticated and picky individuals, only letting the worthy ones into their life.

For all their balanced personality and inner equilibrium, they do know how to have fun and put aside all worries and problems, truly enjoying life to the max.

Preferably in a familiar environment, where they can really feel comfortable and without any sort of outside pressure, Libra Rabbits are quite picky when it comes to where they relax.

Finding time for that is not a big problem, since they are quite adept at organizing and planning their time and activities.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Level-headed, Sophisticated, Tolerant.

However, when push comes to shove and a truly difficult or unbeatable problem appears, they tend to abandon the boat with the first occasion, letting everything behind them.

Stress and pressing responsibilities are really the things that kill them, slowly but surely, and so they tend to avoid such situations in general.

Endowed with a tremendous power of perception and observation, nothing escapes this native’s eye, not even the most furtive or undetectable detail.

And all the information collected serves as the material for further decision and plans, which effectively enhances their usability and success rate.

When a Libra Rabbit starts a course of action or begins to follow up on a plan, everything is done meticulously and efficiently, rational and emotionless.

Rather than making a big ruckus about his accomplishments or methods of action, this native tends to keep silent and do his things quietly, in a professional manner.

In order to truly make him reveal his emotions and other talents, something really inconvenient or threatening must come his way. Otherwise, everything will just keep on going without the slightest hitch.

Being born from the synergy of the Rabbit and the Libra natives, this individual deeply hates letting his feelings go public and enter conflicting situations as a result.

One thing is for sure though. When a Libra Rabbit plans to do something, you better be sure that it will be thoroughly done in the most definite and efficient manner possible. There are no second chances and thus the first time must also be the last time.

Although they are really hard-working and focused on their goals, this does not fully obsess and occupy their time.

Perfect careers for Libra Rabbit: Legal, Beauty, Telecommunications, Design.

Knowing when to have fun and release all the pent-up pressure is also very important, and they fully know it.

As for how they do that, it’s not really essential, just that it gets the desirable result, relaxation and comfort.

His home is his temple, one meticulously organized and fitted to his peculiar needs and desires. To change that would be to utterly destroy his comfort and calmness.

That can’t be done, under no circumstances. If such a situation appears, or any problematic issue for that matter, things are no longer frivolously approached with a serene and carefree manner.

Seriousness and even aggressiveness or irritability are the main players here. Also, being more artistic in general, he has a great interest in things that require that sense for visual beauty and sophistication.

If and when something problematic appears at the horizon, Libra Rabbits won’t be able to take it standing, and will often cower under the immense pressure and stress that they have to endure. It’s really plastered on their faces, all the suffering and irritability of going up against all odds.

Love – Uncovered

If there is something that can help them through those treacherous times and lift their spirits, it’s love, romance, a good and healthy relationship.

Knowing that someone’s there to mend your wounds and fully support you at any time is really something indescribably soothing.

While very appreciative and affectionate to their partners, something’s always missing and that can be seen from how long they stay in a relationship.

The bond seems to only go colder with time, because these natives are always looking for something even better, even more “perfect”.

Most compatible with: Gemini Ram, Sagittarius Dog, Aquarius Pig, Leo Ram.

The way they deal with things while a relationship differs greatly from when being alone. While having no one to call a partner, these natives base their reasoning on instincts and experience, objective facts that describe the world as it is.

On the other hand, when Libra Rabbits are in love, gut feelings and instincts are the way to go, the only way. Truly a sentimental approach, evidently.

Libra Rabbit Woman Characteristics

Libra Rabbit women are really weak and vulnerable when it comes to facing up with difficult and pressing problems.

Also, tragic and dramatic events really shake their confidence and willpower. If they succeed in mapping out their future with a good plan and strive to achieve that goal, everything will work out eventually, and happiness will be obtained.

Endowed with a great ability to lead and issue orders so that they attain their objective in an efficient and clear manner, these women also do it in a charming and attractive manner, almost inconspicuously so.

Working with people is their greatest dream, and asset as well, and so they should strive to find something to do in this very domain.

However, being rather unskilled at observing the situation and forming a battle plan in mind, these natives have rather unclear and obscure futures, which is not necessarily a bad thing, only unknown.

This inability of theirs to fully perceive all the sides of a situation also leads to unhappy marriages and failed relationships.

Emotional outbreaks also lead to that as well, since they aren’t really able to hold their nerves when things get bumpy.

What could help instead, would be for them to find someone with whom to share something else than just feelings of love, such as similar goals in life, ideas and approaches. That could surely be of a great help in the future.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Rabbit: Zac Efron, Hilary Duff, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Bob Geldof, Sting.

Libra Rabbit Man Characteristics

At a first glance, Libra Rabbit men are very calm and neutral in approach, tending to go about things in a friendly and cool manner. That’s just what people think.

In fact, he sees a lot of what is happening, and what is done unto him is surely stored up somewhere deep, waiting to be revealed at the opportune moment.

In his personal life, this native deeply aspires to forever live in comfort and have no worries, a blissful life in other words.

This dream life could very well be theirs, unless things get tangled up and become a mess thanks to the many different aspects of his being that constantly struggle ceaselessly.

At times optimist and pessimist, energetic and lethargic, their nature is very malleable and in a continuous flowing process, which makes them susceptible to outside influences. If that’ a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

Very generous and philanthropic in nature, these individuals don’t really have an attraction towards material things, and are very content with sharing their everything with everyone.

Of course, they also tend to be rather successful professionally, thanks to that unconscious flair for going with the right course of action, which usually counts of a lot.

However, this seemingly undeserved and coincidental success also tends to make them become lax and disinterested, which couldn’t be any worse.

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