The Critic Award is asking: Would you like to be our lover?

A brown and white puppy peeks out from their laptop screen with the words "Hey, did you see that comment?  !"

The Critic Award is asking: Would you like to be our lover?


A brown and white puppy peeks out from their laptop screen with the words "Hey, did you see that comment?  !"

Hello, mynah! In honor of Valentine’s Day, did you know I love you?

It’s a classroom Valentine’s Day just for you, Me and Milo!

My puppy Milo, clutching a toy.text says "I chew you! won't you be my lover?"

This week, Riese brings us the entire queer history of the Oscars, from Janet Gaynor and Marlene Dietrich all the way to Kristen Stewart and Ariana DeBose!

Need to read romance novels this month? There is a quiz!

We also have a collection of sexy short stories! Happy Valentine’s Day to us!

Is this A+ gallery for your passion project like this? excellent? ! ! ! ! ! You are all amazing!

This roundtable was perfect: what is love? (If you grew up in the nineties and you just hummed “don’t hurt me baby,” I know you did.)

Gretchen wrote about the uncomfortable process of trying to write a TERF.

It’s Beautiful: Caterpillar Soup: A Trans Girl Finds Her Style.

30 days! 21 Lesbian Bars! A podcast! The queer bar in my hometown closed last week, so this makes me nostalgic.

Then there are your comments!

exist The True History of LGBTQ+ Best Actress Oscar Nominations:

msanon method/crazy award:

There's a spreadsheet, I know there's a spreadsheet...

Quiz: Which Queer Romance Novel Should You Read This February?

Amina’s We Are All Magic Awards:

Here I really want to see a good wlw historical mystery thriller full of hijinks, you delivered!  !  ! Seriously, I love the adventurous trope of regent rom com, now you give me a guy with a lesbian and my favorite trope. You are amazing and I love this site. Who needs to pay for channeling when autostraddle reads my mind like this?

exist Relationship “green flags” to look for when dating:

Taught me! Maddie Awards:

I really like the structure of this post. 1. Things that can be lists are visually formatted as lists (this one seems obvious, but I just came here from a post where list items are non-bold sentences *in* a paragraph. 2 Not only is the green flag clearly named, but *why* it matters - what does it represent? So you can understand the purpose and rewrite a particular green flag to fit your own life. It makes this list much easier than

exist Caterpillar Soup: A Trans Girl Finds Her Style:

The Bookworm and Caterpillar Award goes to Chloe:

Amy!  ! Happy Pub Day! I've spent the whole day packing your books and heading to work, so I'm glad to see your name as I scroll through Autostraddle after get off work. This is cute.

About You Need Help: What Is Love?

We are now all Hoganites award to Kitten Heel Femme:

How does everything Heather write about love feel?

Love is the award given to Cleo:

I think love is a commitment and an emotion. Commitment (can) stay steady as emotions ebb and flow. As Abene said, it's a decision you make. But it wasn't exactly a rational decision. I think that's the mystery of it - the mysterious combination of chemistry, affinity, history and luck that makes someone your person? What makes a one-time commitment different from a 20-year commitment? I have no idea. This is what I know about love. Love is that my mother asked me why I was volunteering at a local LGBTQ+ center and listened to the answer (after having a terrible reaction to my coming out 20 years ago). Love is when I invited her to join me to watch her first pride parade in her 70s. Love is that we go early so we can find a place in the shade. Love is that my grandmother in her 80s suggested she and I go to another restaurant once a month after I moved back to Chicago in my 20s. Part of the reason I moved back was to be closer to her, but I didn't know how to connect once I got there - having one meal a month together helped us get closer again. Love is that I go to the dentist and doctor every year and get all the checkups, even if I hate them, even if they trigger my PTSD because my spouse is asking me to take care of my health so we can grow old together .Love is me crying in my first couples counseling session, realising our marriage is in bigger trouble than I realised and I need to commit to better managing my PTSD - for me and my spouse.  (It did save our marriage, although I wouldn't blame him if he left at the time - it was grim for a while there​​).

and in “Marry Me” is a J-Lo Rom-Com about a lesbian who does all the work and gets nothing:

Maria Continues Masters Award:

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