The best wearable tech for travelers

The best wearable tech for travelers

The best wearable tech for travelers


Modern technology can make nearly every part of travel easier and more fun than it was a decade ago. If travelers have demand, there may be innovators looking for ways to make it happen using modern technology. The results are usually stunning. From smart headbands to advanced fitness trackers, you’ll find something special here for the tech lover.

Fitbit Deluxe


Fitbit Luxe is a comfortable, stylish fitness tracker that helps your lover take care of the important aspects of their health 24 hours a day. It tracks steps, sleep and your heart rate. It also has respiratory rate measurement and stress management tools. Fitbit Luxe looks as elegant as a bracelet, with stainless steel wristbands available in colors like Orchid White and Moon White. It can also be worn for up to five days without charging the battery, making it a convenient option for travel. Shop now: Fitbit, $99.95 at press time

Ambassador Interpreter at Waverly Labs

Waverly Laboratory

If your lover likes to travel internationally, they will find Waverly Labs’ ambassador interpreters very helpful. It can instantly translate nearly two dozen languages ​​and 42 dialects. The device can help travelers communicate directly with locals without worrying about language barriers. It is worn over the ear and it has a carrying bag for easy carrying while traveling. Shop now: Waverly Lab, $149

LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier


This compact air purifier can be easily carried or worn on the go with a convenient wristband. It weighs only the size of a water bottle. It can be used in a hotel room or put in a car for a road trip. Since it’s quiet, it can be used on a plane or train on a lower setting without disturbing other passengers. Shop now: Amazon, $199.99

Lifekey Smart Watch Band Digital ID

Peter Lobozo, Lifekey

This is a great gift for anyone who likes to explore outdoors. Lifekey’s innovative smart straps don’t rely on Bluetooth technology or rechargeable batteries to work. This is a silent, comfortable fabric wristband designed to protect the wearer and keep them connected and undisturbed on their outdoor adventures. When they’re ready to check in with friends or family, they can simply tap the wristband with their smartphone. In the event of an emergency, it will provide quick access to personal information and work even in remote areas. It’s available in colors like muted heather or bold red. Shop now: Key to Life, $29

UE is suitable

ultimate ear

UE Fits are a high-tech, convenient earbud set that makes a great gift for travelers. It’s designed to be so comfortable that you won’t realize you’re wearing them. That’s partly because it has custom earbud tips. Plus, it can be worn even during vigorous physical activity, making it ideal for busy airports or excursions. Shop now: Ultimate Ears, $169 at press time

Bellabet Ivy

Domagoj Kunic, Bellabeat

This beautifully designed fitness tracker is made for women. Beautiful enough to be mistaken for a bracelet and can be worn like a watch. It is designed to assist the wearer’s anatomical, mental and physical health. It helps people easily track lifestyle habits, sleep, menstrual cycles and other health data. It coordinates with an application that provides visual dashboards to help interpret and use the data it collects. Shop now: Bellabet, $249

Bose Frames Tenor Bluetooth Sunglasses


Bose’s Frames Tenor sunglasses feature polarized lenses and a modern design for a bold, modern look. Bluetooth sunglasses help wearers listen to music discreetly without wearing anything on or in their ears, and can be worn for up to 5.5 hours on a single charge. Shop now: Bose, $249

Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband

flow time

If your lover likes to meditate, this headband can help them enjoy it no matter where they travel. It coordinates and tracks brainwave data with a free app. The biosensing headband can also help the wearer find their breathing continuity. It was created to help motivate a person to maintain a regular meditation habit of at least eight minutes a day. Shop now: Flowtime, $198, Amazon

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