The best supermarkets right now to dine in the store’s menu

The best supermarkets right now to dine in the store's menu

The best supermarkets right now to dine in the store’s menu


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while some may be planning an extravagant meal outside, others may prefer a cozy evening for two.

If you’re looking for a special treat for your significant other on February 14th, these meal deals are just what you need.

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day at home this year?


Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year? Credit: Getty Images – Getty

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If you’re looking for a dinner to do your best to impress your date, or if your favorite restaurant is fully booked, a meal for two is often a good solution.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a master chef or a master chef.

The genius of meal deals is that you can simply pop some pre-made dishes into the oven or microwave and serve them. Simple and stress-free.

We’ve put together a list of all the supermarket dining deals on offer this year, so you can pick the perfect menu for dinner on 14 February.

Marks and Spencer is one of the most popular options when it comes to affordable and delicious ready meals, and the chain’s dine-in meals often include a bottle of soda or dessert.

However, Tesco, Waitrose and Aldi also had some impressive deals this year.

Just don’t leave too late because you need to order your favorites in time for the big day.

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M&S has a variety of meals including appetizers, entrees and puddings for your Valentine's Day


M&S offers a variety of appetizers, mains and pudding meals for your Valentine’s Day Photo Credit: M&S

M&S never fails when it comes to dining feasts. Shoppers can choose from starters, mains, desserts and a bottle of soda, wine or chocolate, all for £20 – cheap.

Plus, there’s plenty to choose from on the menu; from Pie Love You Chicken Pie, Duck, Lamb Chops to Oak Baked Camembert and Raspberry Puffs – just to name a few.

  • Shop M&S Valentine’s Day Dining – here


Ocado's meal deals include Hawksmoor Steak, Pizza Express and other great restaurants


Ocado’s meal deals include Hawksmoor Steak, Pizza Express, and meals at other great restaurant names Credit: Ocado

Ocado has tons of pf restaurants and brands on their website so you can enjoy the restaurant’s food from the comfort of your home.

From Pizza Pilgrims to Pizza Express, Hawksmoor and Pasta Evangelists.

  • Shop Ocado’s Valentine’s Day Deals – Here


From Beef Wellington to camembert shreds, sodas and puffs


From beef Wellington to camembert ripping bread, sodas and puffs Credit: Morrison

Morrisons is launching its best Valentine’s Day dining deals on Feb. 9, and it’s running until Feb. 14, though it can also be ordered online for delivery.

The deal includes a starter, main course, two side dishes, a dessert and a drink, all for just £15. From mouthwatering camembert shreds, 21-day-aged sirloin steak with pepper butter to decadent raspberry and white chocolate puffs, our taste buds tingle at the thought of it.

  • Shop Morrison’s Valentine’s Day Meal – here


Tesco's Valentine's Day sale includes appetizers, mains and desserts, as well as vegetarian options


Tesco’s Valentine’s Day deal includes appetizers, mains and desserts, plus vegetarian options

Tesco Finest has an unmissable Valentine’s Day deal where you can dine for two for just £15 if you have a Tesco Clubcard.

As part of the deal, Lovebirds can snap up appetizers, men’s, sides, as well as desserts and alcoholic beverages, with vegan alternatives too.

  • Buy Tesco Finest Valentine’s Day Dinner Deals – here


Waitrose has two meal deals to shop for £20 ahead of Vanityn's Day


Waitrose buys two meals for £20 ahead of Vanetin’s Day Credit: Waitrose

Waitrose is considered one of the higher end supermarkets, which is why it’s even more impressive with its £20 meal deal for two.

This Valentine’s Day set includes an appetizer, main course, two sides, as well as a dessert, a bottle of soda or an extra box of chocolates – so it can be your gift. From February 10th to 15th, the deal is available online and in-store – so you’ll get it soon.

  • Buy Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two – here


Iceland has discounts and big deals on select food ahead of the day of love


Iceland has discounts and big deals on select foods ahead of Love Day Credit: Iceland

While Iceland doesn’t have official meal deals like other supermarkets, it’s already getting a variety of discounts and deals on select foods until February 14.

Shoppers can get two 28-day-old steaks for £6, or two bottles of wine for just £11.

Whether you’re looking to cook a sumptuous three-course dinner, or breakfast, lunch and dinner, Iceland has it all.

  • Shop Iceland’s Valentine’s Day Deals – Here


Aldi is a great place to shop for Valentine's Day, with everything from gifts to dinner parties and sodas


Aldi is the go-to for Valentine’s Day shopping, from gifts to dinner parties and FizzCredit: ALDI

It’s safe to say that Aldi has outdone it this year for Valentine’s Day, and arguably beats other retailers with impressive offers.

Not only does it offer dining deals for two, it also offers family dining deals, as well as specially curated Galentine deals.

  • Shop Aldi’s Valentine’s Day Meal Deal – here

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Sainsbury's Valentine's Day meal includes starter, main course, side dishes, dessert and a bottle of soda


Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day meal includes an appetizer, main course, side dish, dessert and a bottle of soda Credit: Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s’ Valentine’s Day menu has something for everyone, with shoppers snapping up appetizers, entrees, sides, as well as desserts and drinks.

The deal is available to shop from February 9th to February 14th, so you need to act fast to avoid missing out.

  • Shop Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day Menu – here


ASDA includes a free Sky Cinema pass with their Valentine's Day deal


ASDA includes a free Sky Cinema pass in their Valentine’s Day deal Credit: ASDA

ASDA is going all out this Valentine’s Day as shoppers can get a free Sky Cinema pass with their dining deals – Genius.

Offers include appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, and indulge in a drink or chocolate while watching your favorite movie.

  • Buy ASDA Extra Special Meal Deal – here


From gnocchi to beef Wellington and heart pretzels, Lidl has it all


From gnocchi to beef Wellington and heart pretzels, Lidl has it all. Credit: Lidl

On Thursday 10th February, Lidl will officially launch its Valentine’s Day Food Deals to make the perfect evening.

From heart-shaped gnocchi to beef Wellington and heart-shaped pretzels, from snacks to main meals and sodas.

  • Buy Lidl’s Valentine’s Day Meal Deal – here

Tesco recently revealed what’s on the menu as part of its Valentine’s Day feast. The main course was duck breast and the pudding was a chocolate brownie washed down with a cup of prosecco.

And Aldi also promises a fine dining experience with lobster pasta.

One thing’s for sure, the supermarket has already taken it out of the bag, so if you’ve left for Valentine’s Day, or an evening, planning to last minute, you can still pull it off with a dinner for two.

Now that your meals are organized, maybe a bouquet of roses might be on your shopping list for that special someone.

Marks & Spencer is bringing back the Love Sausage for Valentine’s Day – which is when it hits shelves.

Budget supermarket tops blind Valentine’s Day meal taste test – see full list.

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