The Best Romantic Animations for Valentine’s Day 2022

The Best Romantic Animations for Valentine's Day 2022

The Best Romantic Animations for Valentine’s Day 2022


No need to worry about love this Valentine’s Day. These romantic anime have it covered, with plenty of heartwarming moments.

As Valentine’s Day 2022 approaches, the season of love is upon us. Anime and manga fans know that regardless of the main genre of the story, there are plenty of series with a romantic twist here and there.

However, those looking for a series where love is paramount and central are lucky. Here’s a list of anime guaranteed to warm even the coldest of hearts this Valentine’s Day.

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Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Animated Series

exist Taisho Otome Fairy Tale, Shimo Yuyan was disabled after a car accident and his family forced him into exile. Yuyan’s disability, coupled with his family’s belief that he was useless, led him to live a pessimistic and lonely life. But one day, Tangerine Teak appeared and claimed to be his bride, and Yuyan’s unhappy mentality was untenable.

Yuzu’s sweet, caring nature and unconditional love for the people in her life slowly begin to heal Yuhiko’s heart. He begins to realize that he has the ability to love, whether it is to Yuzu, to his family, or even to himself. Saccharin in all the best ways, Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Just like Yuzu’s love for Yuyan, it provides the audience with a warm, healing hug.

All 12 episodes of Taisho Otome Fairy Tale are available on Funimation.

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Stranger on the Shore

High school student Chihua Mio, who is dealing with the loss of her mother, finds friendship in Hashimoto Jun, who happens to be gay. They’re trying to unravel each other’s strange identities and feelings when Mio suddenly reveals he’s moving to the city. Three years later, he returned with a confession. Can they pick up where they left off, or is it too late for Mio’s return?

Stranger on the Shore It’s a deep exploration of accepting one’s queer identity, especially in the face of rejection from a loved one. Queer representation across media is growing — albeit slowly — and the film joins the ranks of anime that doesn’t demean queerness, nor does it portray it through stereotypical comics. Queer or not, romance fans will appreciate this nuanced portrayal of queer love and empathy.

Stranger on the Shore is now playable on Funimation.

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kiss between gods

Seven Seas Taoyuan and Youhui

Homeless, no spare money, kiss between gods The protagonist Nanami is a hapless high school student. That is, until she receives an offer to live in an abandoned shrine for free. She happily agreed, but with her new role came new responsibilities: she was now the new god at the shrine.

The shrine’s fox monster, Tomoe, was initially hesitant to accept Nanami as the new land god. Over the course of the series, Tomoe’s pessimism turns to acceptance, but once the romance begins to blossom, can their relationship as gods and familiarity last? kiss between gods is a captivating romantic comedy about a forbidden love story that is sure to delight.

All 12 episodes of Kamisama Kiss are available on Funimation.

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Kakuriyo – Spirit B&B

liked fans kiss between gods should also check Kakuriyo – Spirit B&BIt has a similar premise, high school student Aoi agrees to work at a bed and breakfast to pay off her grandfather’s debt. Of course, this business is far from ordinary, as it exclusively serves ayakashi, the residents of Hidden Realm. Aoi could technically pay off the debt by marrying the inn’s owner, Aldana, but she chooses to pay it off by cooking.

Ayakashi is greatly influenced by her professionalism and culinary skills, surrounding the once lonely teenager with friends and potential suitors who love her dearly. each kuriyo There’s a delightful balance of lighthearted ease and craving moments of tears over home-cooked meals made with love.

All 26 episodes of Kakuriyo are available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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weathering with you

Hina, Nagisa and Hodaka jumping

Completing this Valentine’s Day list are touching movies weathering with you. Writer and Director Makoto Shinkai your name To become famous, viewers should have tissues on hand. Hodaka Morishima is a runaway teenager struggling to get up in Tokyo. One night at a McDonald’s, an employee sympathized with Hodaka and offered him a free meal. That employee is Hina Amano, and their fate is intertwined with this first encounter.

Hina and her younger brother are in the same difficult financial situation, so she and Hodaka decide to take advantage of her magical weather control abilities. Sadly, their newfound freedom is short-lived once Hotaka’s past catches up to him, and they discover that Hina’s powers are shortening her life. Regardless, Hodaka’s unwavering love for Hina saved her life. The consequences of their actions are not excluded or minimized, but this realistic portrayal of responsibility never diminishes the power of their love.

Weathering With You is available on HBO Max.

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