The Best Modern Family Valentine’s Day Episodes, Ranked

The Best Modern Family Valentine's Day Episodes, Ranked

The Best Modern Family Valentine’s Day Episodes, Ranked


modern Family Redefines the family sitcom so much that it has become an Emmy-winning series that ran for an impressive 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020.It cemented itself a place in television history, in fact, it became a source of inspiration for one’s Wanda Visionsitcom series.Undeniable, legacy modern Family is its hilarious yet sensitive interpretation of family love: instead of merely showing love between a middle-class white American family, modern Family Showcasing a large, multi-generational and multicultural family, each with its own connections, complex histories and spotlights.

every season, modern Family Treat your audience with a hilarious Valentine’s Day-themed episode. With that special day just around the corner, here’s a ranking of Valentine’s Day-themed episodes for you to enjoy – whether you’re dating on the 14th or not.

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7 “Paris” – Season 11, Episode 13

While the episode takes place in the City of Love, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have as much magic as some of the earlier episodes themed around the day. Besides Manny, the kids also didn’t appear in the episode, meaning about half of the main cast didn’t play any roles at all in the episode. However, it’s still worth watching this Valentine’s Day, if only for the hilarity when Phil meets one of Claire’s ex-lovers only to find out that he’s also a magician.

Meanwhile, Jay is poised to be awarded for his extensive service to the closet business. At the last minute, Gloria and Manny discover that the award is actually for Jay’s old rival Earl Chapman, and try to hide it from him. He’s furious when he finds out – but all is well, and the episode ends with Jay’s sincere speech atop the Eiffel Tower.

Cameron dreams of playing his clown role in Paris until he finds out that Fizbeau has a European clown, and Mitch tries to dress as French but can’t fully immerse himself in the lifestyle. Overall, it’s a sweet interlude, a heartfelt moment sure to get you into the Valentine’s Day vibe.

6 “Do You Believe in Magic?” — Season 8, Episode 12 (1)

When Phil feels the romance in his marriage has failed, he spends Valentine’s Day trying to impress Claire and rekindle the spark. Still, Claire has some finesse, which makes Phil happy. Mitchell and Cameron spend their days trying to get Lily, Hayley and Thrall to stand up to the men in their lives. It was a disaster for Haley and Thrall, who both ended Valentine’s Day negatively – Haley broke up with her boyfriend and Thrall even became violent. Alex discovers one of her mother’s colleagues has a crush on her, and while she’s uncomfortable at first, by the end of the day she’s more open to the idea. In the end, Jay clashes with Gloria for being so fond of Joe. He insists it’s harmless until he’s appalled by Joe’s bad habits as well as his good ones and faces a dilemma. While not explicitly romantic in nature, the episode focused on family love, making viewers think that Valentine’s Day is still a positive and fun day, regardless of their relationship status.

5 “Written on the Stars” – Season 9, Episode 14 (2)

While audiences are used to Phil and Claire cosplaying on Valentine’s Day, this episode lets Jay and Gloria try to spice up their night. Of course, it didn’t end well for the pair, with Gloria being arrested, killing the atmosphere they were trying to create. As the two enjoy their night together, Phil and Claire are watching Joe, who has become hooked on Claire and has been trying to cheer Phil up all night. Elsewhere, Mickey and Cam are treating Luke to Valentine’s Day dinner and treating him like a womanizer in line. Luke inadvertently ruins this Valentine’s Day when he realizes his girlfriends are lining up behind them and hears everything. Mitch and Cam are forced to correct the situation. As always, Manny makes a Valentine’s Day card for Gloria, and Alex tries to impress her professor but is disappointed by his preference. This episode was a refreshing experience for Valentine’s Day, with all the characters going through absurd mishaps on the day of love.

4 “Twisted Sister” – Season 6, Episode 14 (3)

In this episode, Gloria’s sister Sonia (by Brooklyn 9.9Stephanie Beatriz) visit. Jay thinks she wants to be in a relationship with him – initially no one believes him, but as things escalate, Manny realizes that’s also true. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire have a wonderful nightly role-play, until Claire realizes that Phil loves her alter ego more than herself. Mitchell and Kem visit one of their friends with an anniversary gift, and upon arrival finds out that their friend has just divorced, meaning the anniversary gift is no longer needed. All of these storylines were hilarious, and everyone involved in the episode had a happy ending that left viewers with a happy note for their Valentine’s Day.

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3 “The Return of Bixby” – Season 2, Episode 14 (4)

After the disastrous night they shared on “My Funky Valentine’s Day,” Phil and Claire decided to take it easy and ended up enjoying an early bird special at a restaurant packed with seniors. Phil ends up riding a scooter, and despite Phil’s ignorance, Claire quickly changes her plans. Jay and Gloria are dating at the same restaurant, but Jay plans to have a private dinner at home. His plans fall apart when Gloria brings them into the restaurant, and he desperately tries to get them back on track. Their night was saved by Mickey and Cam, who actually made the reservation Gloria stole. But their night wasn’t perfect either — Mickey had an assistant who seemed to be sabotaging their relationship, and Cam thought Broderick had a crush on Mickey until he was corrected by Broderick himself. The kids at home have Valentine’s Day plans too – well, except for Hailey. Manny spends the night trying to make a move on her, but when Dylan reappears, his plans are foiled. This episode has a very interesting ending, the best episode of the entire series, and is not to be missed this Valentine’s Day.

2 “My Funky Valentine” – Season 1, Episode 15 (5)

Possibly the most popular Valentine’s Day episode of Modern Family, viewers are introduced to Phil and Claire’s alter ego Clive Bixby and Juliana. After being upstaged by Dylan, Phil felt the usual plan to go to Flatley was no longer going to work, so he suggested they spice it up by role-playing in a hotel bar. Elsewhere, Mickey had a rough day at work, failing to deliver the closing remarks he had been working on for a long time. Until, Manny revealed how his Valentine’s Day gift was claimed by another student. Mickey and Cam themselves decide to play Cupid and save his Valentine. Jay took Gloria to see famous comedian David Brenner, but got frustrated when he became the target of Gloria-related age jokes and ran after the embarrassment became too much towards the hills. When the cosplay goes too far and Claire’s jacket gets stuck in the elevator, various acquaintances run up to the pair, trying to help an increasingly flustered Claire – until an unlikely hero saves the pair. one day. As the series’ first Valentine’s Day episode, there’s enough joy and secondhand awkwardness to make this episode a must-watch.

1 “Broken Heart” – Season 4, Episode 15 (6)

First place shows Juliana and Clive coming back again for a spicy Valentine’s Day encounter – only this time Claire ends up in the ER with Phil accusing himself of being “too sexy”. At Jay and Gloria’s house, the pair are happy to be intimate again for the first time since Joe’s birth – however, their day ends up being more than initially thought as viewers witness their bedroom plans thwarted time and time again much busier. However, Mickey and Cam’s storyline in this episode is the real reason. The pair hosted a “Lonely Heart” Valentine’s Day party for single friends, and Cam went overboard when he suggested Mickey wasn’t fun. In fact, Dylan had already moved in the next morning. They spend the day arguing over who invited him to stay and who should kick him out, until finally Lily takes the initiative to confront a confused Dylan. This episode includes everything that makes Modern Family so special and ends with a lighthearted tone that’s sure to improve anyone’s Valentine’s Day.

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