Thanksgiving Day 2021 USA : Date,Activities,Facts,History,Significance,Food

Thanksgiving Day 2020 USA : Date,Activities,Facts,History,Significance,Food

Thanksgiving Day 2021 USA : Date,Activities,Facts,History,Significance,Food

Thanksgiving Day 2021

Thanksgiving Day 2021 in the USA is on Thursday 26, November 2021.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the United States.

Thanksgiving is the event for people to thank God for the blessings that they are enjoying.

Thanksgiving is a day off in the United States, educational institutes, government offices, and many organizations remain closed at this event. Black Friday is also a holiday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. So this long weekend is a pleasuring occasion for the families and friends to have visits and trips.Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is also the sign of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays in the United States.

Celebrations and Activities of Thanksgiving

  • It is the time of thanking God for His blessings upon mankind. People worship on this day and offer mealtime prayer before Thanksgiving dinner.
  • At Thanksgiving time, fresh and delicious food items are distributed among the poor with love and pleasure.
  • Thanksgiving dinner is the tradition of this event. Various types of meals particularly roasted and stuffed turkey dishes are the featured items of this day.Thanksgiving Day
  • Thanksgiving parades are an essential part of this event, that are held in the various parts of the various cities.Thanksgiving Day
  • Football games are an important element of thanksgiving celebrations.Thanksgiving Day
  • Sports as basketball, golf tournaments, wrestling, ice-hockey, and road running events known as “turkey trots” are held at thanksgiving time.
  • Television and radio telecast special programs at this event.
  • In the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation, National Turkey Federation presents the gift of turkey to the president of the United States.
  • On Thanksgiving event, friends and families have a gathering for a dinner or a large meal.
  • On thanksgiving holidays, students and workers travel to their hometowns to celebrate this event with their loved ones.

Facts of Thanksgiving

  • Thanksgiving is the highest consumption food day of the whole year. Thanksgiving Day
  • Gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole, and corn are the prominent dishes of Thanksgiving Day.
  • Thanksgiving DayThe Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York is held since 1924.
  • The Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Parade is the oldest Parade of this event that started in 1920.
  • In many families, Thanksgiving Dinner is started with a prayer and that moment is captured by a photograph.
  • Before dinner, each person of the family describes at least one reason for which he is thankful to God that year.
  • This Day is the sign of the start of winter season along with upcoming festivals as Christmas and New year.

History of Thanksgiving

In the United States, the first Thanksgiving to God was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first successful harvest in 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation in Plymouth Massachusetts. These Pilgrims again truly celebrated Thanksgiving in 1623, which followed a 14 days rain of blessing.

In December 1777, President of the United States, Geroge Washington proclaimed a Thanksgiving to God as a victory celebration in the American Revolutionary War.  In 1863 Abraham Lincoln approved this day as a national holiday.

Since then Thanksgiving Day is annually celebrated in the United States.

Thanksgiving is also considered as “National Day of Mourning” by some Americans as a celebration of the cultural genocide.

Observances of Thanksgiving Day

Event Year Date Day Holiday Type
Thanksgiving Day 2021 23 November Thursday National Holiday
Thanksgiving Day 2021 22 November Thursday National Holiday
Thanksgiving Day 2021 28 November Thursday National Holiday
Thanksgiving Day 2021 26 November Thursday National Holiday
Thanksgiving Day 2021 25 November Thursday National Holiday


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