Tesco raved about ‘never-before-seen’ details on Valentine’s Day cards

Tesco raved about 'never-before-seen' details on Valentine's Day cards

Tesco raved about ‘never-before-seen’ details on Valentine’s Day cards


Supermarket giant Tesco is full of praise after shoppers spotted the “wonderful” details on its Valentine’s Day cards.

Shoppers thanked Tesco for opening a supermarket first after discovering the cards in the store.

Images of the cards with Braille and written Valentine’s messages have been shared on social media.

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On Facebook, Karen Davison wrote: “What a great idea! Do they have a Braille birthday card because I have a blind friend which is awesome. I know you can buy it online from RNIB but just asking.”

Steph Laban said: “Love this. My daughter is completely blind and even though she’s only 10 atmospheres, I love that she can now enjoy the cards as much as we do.”

Tracey Lyn Dawson added: “You might think these things were out a few years ago, but it’s nice to see them out now.”

Gail Donaldson commented: “Love this!! I haven’t come across Braille cards in years and wish they were more widely available.”

Wendy Latimer said: “Very thoughtful…never encountered anything like this before.”

RNIB tweeted: “Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and @Tesco has partnered with us to launch a series of cards for the visually impaired. Created by @Hallmark, these cards feature different sensory profiles, including different senses, in addition to the ones in Braille. Also, textures and patterns can be used.”

Stephanie Burrows, Tesco’s Assistant Card Buyer, said: “At Tesco, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we must continue to work towards building an inclusive and accessible product range to meet their needs.

“We’ve been listening to feedback and know that cards are an area that desperately needs more diversity and inclusion to better represent all of us.

“We’ve recently added more LGBTQIA+, disability and race cards to our many card collections, and we’re excited to share these cards with our customers and look forward to hearing their feedback.”

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