Target launches affordable and cute Valentine’s Day section

Target launches affordable and cute Valentine's Day section

Target launches affordable and cute Valentine’s Day section


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Whether you’re in the mood for love, or doing yourself some extra self-care this season (as you should), here are some must-have Valentine’s Day finds you can find at Target:

While most of the Valentine’s Day items are still in stock, you can expect to see items on Target’s virtual shelves soon – like this cute bird decoration and the popular Dash heart mini waffle maker. If the bird looks familiar to you, that’s because Spritz’s Target bird changes every season and comes in tons of different colors and costumes based on celebrations like Halloween and Christmas.

We’re also surprised that Dash’s $13 waffle maker is still in stock. Aside from the super affordable price point and amazing heart-shaped waffles, this particular waffle maker is often hard to find, so you’ll want to grab it while it’s still around.

buy it! Squirt Valentine Bird, $5;

buy it! Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker, $12.99; Target

buy it! Threshold Stoneware French Mug Set, 2-pack, $10;

buy it! Colsie Heart Print Cropped Tank and Shorts Pajama Set, $17;

buy it! Sill Cover Ceramic Candle, Red Rose, $12;

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