Take your significant other on a romantic, cheap date on Valentine’s Day


Take your significant other on a romantic, cheap date on Valentine’s Day


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For some, Valentine’s Day can be an intimate, loving and emotional holiday. But if “emotional” starts to get stressful, it can be taken to another level, because it’s easy to put too much pressure on yourself and make the day go beyond expectations.

Even the simplest of dates can be made special, and Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be as expensive and materialistic as one might think. Students recommend some affordable yet romantic date ideas in Syracuse that won’t break your wallet.

While this is a holiday traditionally geared toward couples, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, consider planning a day with friends.

“I love everything tacky on Valentine’s Day,” says sophomore Jenny Lee. “My friends and I are going to have brunch at Rise N Shine, get dressed up a bit and take some pictures.”

Rise N Shine Diner on Westcott Street is one of Syracuse’s many no-reservation restaurants. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food, including an assortment of pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict and French toast.

Choosing to stay at home and watch a movie is also a romantic but feasible option. The streaming service has many romantic comedies to choose from. The Netflix movie “Valentine’s Day” — starring Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts and other well-known actors — is a classic, Lee said.

“Everyone who became famous during that time in the 2000s was in that movie. My friends and I relive it every other weekend, but I don’t think we’ll ever stop the tradition of doing that,” Lee said.

Restaurants like Rise N Shine Diner are great for Valentine's Day, and they're affordable.

Restaurants like Rise N Shine Diner are delicious and affordable places to go this Valentine’s Day. Courtesy of Jenny Lee

Making Valentine’s Day plans can be embarrassing for students in “situation.” If your significant other wants you to be their lover, a more relaxed date night will help relieve stress.

Freshman Sage Simmons recommends sushi restaurant Bleu Monkey on Marshall Street, another restaurant with an affordable menu that requires no reservations.

“The vibe there is very casual, but still nice. The decor isn’t overly exaggerated either, so it doesn’t look as serious,” says Simmons.

If you and your significant other choose not to eat out, you might consider making a small gesture or giving a gift, although not all gifts need to be purchased at the store. The simplest gift, like a handmade card, can mean everything to the person who receives it. Sophomore Grace Sacco received a thoughtful gift from her boyfriend last year that she says she will never forget.

“My boyfriend told me over winter break that he was recording something with his friends, but he didn’t tell me what it was for a long time,” Sacco said. “Then we were hanging out on Valentine’s Day and he played me a song he wrote for me called ‘You Are Mine’. Honestly, it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever eaten.”


Sophomore Stephanie Santos recommends writing a card or letter to your significant other.

“I once had a guy make me a card, like you did in middle school with colored paper and markers,” Santos said. “But it was so special because he personally wrote me a love letter in it and it made me cry.”

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