Supply chain issues could affect last-minute Valentine’s Day orders – CBS Boston

Supply chain issues could affect last-minute Valentine's Day orders – CBS Boston

Supply chain issues could affect last-minute Valentine’s Day orders – CBS Boston


BOSTON (CBS) — Florist Angel Diaz is busy with work, and it’s a good feeling that business is booming around Valentine’s Day. “You have to have the skills to plan ahead,” Diaz said.

Because for florists, this Valentine’s Day presents challenges including supply chain issues and pricing.

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Diaz has to lock in his flower orders and prices three or four months ago, and if he runs out, he will do his best, but custom orders will be more expensive. “For example, if I run out of roses now, my price will be double what I was three months ago,” he said.

Two months ago, The Centerpiece Flower Shop in West Roxbury, a business he started when the pandemic hit, even started receiving orders from customers. “I personally don’t want to say no to anyone, especially roses at this time, so I might offer them a second option,” Diaz said.

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It’s also a boon for restaurants, especially on Valentine’s Day on a Monday night. It’s gold for us,” said Mira Giangregorio, who owns Nando on Hanover Street on Boston’s North Side.

Saturday will also be her busiest in two months, with nearly 200 bookings. Valentine’s Day runs into the weekend, and if the weather is nice, it also takes customers out.

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The restaurant is also open during the pandemic, so there’s a lot of love this weekend. “I would say just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re opening in April 2021, and we’re holding our breath,” Giangregorio said.

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