Stop & Shop’s PSA: Valentine’s Day is the day after the Super Bowl

Stop & Shop's PSA: Valentine's Day is the day after the Super Bowl

Stop & Shop’s PSA: Valentine’s Day is the day after the Super Bowl


Valentine’s Day is usually a big deal for brands. But this year, the holiday unfortunately happened on the second day of the Big Game. In a new ad campaign, Stop & Shop is offering a friendly reminder to do your Valentine’s Day shopping early.

This year, Valentine’s Day is the day after the Super Bowl. If reading that sentence makes you think, “Oh, damn,” don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’ll be forgiven if you don’t remember – most years, we’re stuck with Valentine’s Day-themed ads, starting around February, if not earlier.

This year, you may have noticed that Valentine’s Day ads, while not entirely absent, are a bit less than usual. reason? They were largely lost in the hustle and bustle caused by the Super Bowl, the biggest ad campaign of the year. Now, a new ad campaign by Stop & Shop, a supermarket chain based in the northeastern United States, is taking advantage of the prevailing radio silence during Valentine’s Day to remind consumers to go out and buy their romantic gifts before the big game.

New ads are easy to style and deliver. One featured a man in an NFL jersey sitting on a sofa surrounded by the various snacks that people typically stock up on before big games. “This is a big week,” he said. “So get out there, get some pretty flowers, make some homemade dinner, shop early.” Another ad, shot in the same informal style, features a woman with a similar message. In their face-to-face and straightforward communication, the ads almost have the feel of a PSA, or a friend who sits you down and offers some advice.

“We thought, it really needs to be a PSA, [because] No one knew that,” said Alex Shulhafer, creative director at McKinney, Stop & Shop’s main recording agency. “And then when we brought it to life, we really wanted to hone that sound ‘from a procrastinator to Another procrastinator, let me involve you in this. Because you don’t want to realize it on Monday. ‘”

Intense competition throughout the Super Bowl ad space often forces brands to get creative. While many companies can’t afford the millions of dollars required to run ads during big games, some are able to identify and exploit some of the subtler aspects of campaigns that give them a place at the negotiating table, albeit a secondary one. Stop & Shop is trying to add its own voice to the Super Bowl conversation, Shulhafer said. “The Super Bowl is like a mecca for advertising,” Schulhaver said. “It’s where advertisers and big brands spend the most money, and it tends to get the most attention…brands like Stop & Shop, we’ll never be able to afford Super Bowl ads. So it’s an interesting opportunity to be able to Having a conversation around the Super Bowl, but in a way that we can be effective, is right for us as a brand.”

From a marketing standpoint, this year’s Valentine’s Day seems like a short-lived end. The fact that it comes a day after the most televised event of the year — and that day happens to be a Monday — means marketers are less willing to spend a lot of money to get people excited this year. Then again, Valentine’s Day is a big holiday that millions of people will be celebrating and celebrating – which means the current marketing vacuum around Valentine’s Day is just waiting for some brave brands to fill it with a unique angle. “Valentine’s day is definitely going to be tough, so it’s tough,” said Karen Freberg, a professor of strategic communications at the University of Louisville. “But if there aren’t a lot of marketers paying attention, then maybe an emerging brand will come in and say, ‘Okay, we Will take over the conversation.'”

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