Start Your Valentine’s Day With These Special Mocktails

Start Your Valentine's Day With These Special Mocktails

Start Your Valentine’s Day With These Special Mocktails


Happy Rose Day 2022: Valentine’s Day is an especially ideal time to swap out a typical martini or Manhattan for something more unique. Add a glass of wine to your Rose Day dinner arrangements to create the right atmosphere for a wonderful evening.

Spring Bouquet Cocktail

This tangy herbal mocktail is the perfect counterpart to gift a bouquet to your loved one. In a small saucepan, boil chamomile tea and water. Then combine pink grapefruit juice, apple juice, rose water, fresh lime, honey or maple syrup all together. Serve in a double door glass with a bunch of edible flowers as a topping.

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cherry bomb

Thanks to its bright and lovely red, the Cherry Bomb mocktail is the perfect drink to taste at the Rose Festival. It’s easy to create and sure to be amazing. In a pitcher, whisk together lime juice, grenadine, and soda water. Fill a low glass with ice and then add some juice blend. Finished with cherries, your easy mocktail is ready to go.

Strawberry and Sparkling Rosé Punch

Whether you’re enjoying a rose day or a weekend, a sophisticated brunch mocktail might make things look a little better. This light, fruity mocktail isn’t too powerful, so you can have more than one if you want. In a blender, just add strawberries and sugar. Pour in lemon juice and rosé wine and some soda water. Garnish with lime wedges over ice.

love potion

Lady Ruth’s Love Potion is a stark contrast to this mix. Think fruity strawberry puree with a dash of chocolate and you’ll experience Love Potion #9. Use a vanilla or strawberry soda or blender and blend it with chocolate syrup, berries, and vanilla ice cream in a blender.

red lotus

If you love cranberries, this is the one for you. The special flavor of lychee fruit is the superstar of the red lotus mocktail, it’s sweet, simple and uplifting. It’s an easy mixed drink that may soon become a new favorite. In a mocktail shaker with ice, pour lychee liqueur and cranberry juice. Add some blender or soda water with ice. Serve in a coupe glass.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple’s legacy extends beyond the movies, and this stunning cocktail is one of them. Shirley Temple is a great way to rejuvenate an ordinary drink. The mix of fruity flavors, aromas and bubbles results in a delicious drink that’s ideal for dinner. In the pitcher, simply combine ginger beer, soda, lemon zest and juice, and grenadine. Fill a tall glass halfway with ice.

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