Starbucks color-changing cups are back, one with a heart for Valentine’s Day

Starbucks color-changing cups are back, one with a heart for Valentine's Day

Starbucks color-changing cups are back, one with a heart for Valentine’s Day


If you’ve been wondering when the color-changing mugs will return to Starbucks, your wait is over. These quirky coffee mugs will return for the first time in 2022 with a special Valentine’s Day collection. Think of it as a love letter to Starbucks fans around the world.

Hip2Save reports finding a six-pack of Starbucks color-changing reusable hot mugs for $16.95. At just $2.83 per cup, each with a color-changing lid, is a great deal. If you’re looking to buy a set (or two), you’ll want to head to your nearest Starbucks store—even one inside Target—before they disappear again.


In addition to the regular color-changing cup sets, Starbucks has a special Valentine’s Day line that makes a great gift for your Frappuccino-obsessed special someone.

Valentine’s Day-themed color-changing mugs for $2.95. For that, you get a reusable plastic cup with a color-changing heart around the Starbucks logo and around the exterior.

Twitter user @Kay819 said they found a bunch of these limited-edition mugs on February 2 and took a photo to share with the world.

Continuing the entire season of latte love, the coffee giant’s new Heartfelt collection features decorative glasses, glasses and water bottles. Die-hard Starbucks cup hunters have started tracking them.

On Facebook, Jaymie Goodman of Indianapolis shared his thoughts on a new line of themed drinks on Facebook in January.

On TikTok, dealer Jessica Monroy (@anahis_kreationz) shared a video of her local Target where she found a ton of Starbucks Valentine’s Day merchandise, including some rainbow-colored glasses.

In her video, you can also see a Chinese New Year-themed iridescent glass in honor of the Year of the Tiger.

@anahis_kreationz hits the jackpot¤ðŸ¥°#boostofhope #starbuck #starbucksvalentinesrelease2022 #lunarnewyear #reddome #hearts #love ♬ original sound – Jessica Monroy

Check your local Starbucks and Target stores to see what Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2022 collections are on their shelves.

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