St. Patrick’s Day Charades Printable Game

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St. Patrick's Day Charades Printable Game

St. Patrick’s Day Charades Printable Game

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This St Patricks Day charades printable game is the perfect way to get everyone in the family laughing and moving together. So much family-friendly fun for the holiday!

Charades is such a fun family game that all ages can enjoy. This St. Patrick’s Day charades printable game is a great way to combine the transition of seasons while still holding onto that family fun.

Printable games are great because they allow you to change out different games frequently without investing a ton of time or money. This charades printable game is the perfect example! You can easily and quickly print out and have several hours of fun right from the comfort of home. (or anywhere that you are!)

 St. Patrick’s Day Charades Printable Game

Charades are a great way to get everyone up off the couch and moving their body. You can play outside, inside or wherever you have the space. We love family game night!

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Young learners through adults can play without much effort which makes it the perfect game to just relax and have fun. And if you happen to have a little one that can’t read, partner up and continue on! 

We recently went on a camping trip, and used our camping charades printable game, and my 4 year old has been so obsessed with it, we’ve played over and over again in our living room. So, with a holiday right around the corner, we thought we would start playing some different themed charades as well! 

If you are looking for more ways to celebrate the holiday, check out these St. Patrick’s Day sayings for kids to use in cards, lunchbox notes or for jokes in the car!

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The Rules of Printable Charades

Playing charades isn’t hard and no matter what the printable is, the rules don’t vary. 

  • Pick out a piece of paper to act out
  • Without speaking, the person moves their body and tries to get the audience to guess what they are
  • The one who guesses correctly gets to be the next person to draw a piece of paper and act out that word

And that’s it! See how simple charades can be?!

Don’t forget to print out your St Patricks Day Charades Printable!

Simply click on the image below to print.

Examples of some of the charade words included in the printable:

  • Rainbow
  • Pot of Gold
  • Leprechaun
  • Magic
  • Green
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Those are just a few! There are 28 different words and phrases to act out in this free printable. 

Many of the words included are simply, and many are difficult. Depending on the age level of the participants, you may want to omit the hard words and only keep the easy ones. 

What happens when you run out of new St. Patrick’s Day words to act out?

Create your own! This is the great part about charades! You can always add in more that you want to act out. The only wrong way to mess up charades is to not play it at all. 

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