Sports GK Quiz on Cricket | GK Questions 2021

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Sports GK Quiz on Cricket | GK Questions 2020

Sports GK Quiz on Cricket | GK Questions 2021

Top 100 Cricket GK Quiz – Sports GK Questions in English with Answers

Sports GK Questions Answers in English: As you know, Sports GK Questions are a very useful topic for Competitive Exams. So, friends here today, we are sharing Sports GK Questions on Cricket – General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English for the students who are preparing for the competitive exam like Railway, SSC, BANK, UPSC, RPSC, Police, and various competitive exam 2021. This is the best GK part and You can easily get 2-3 marks by reading these Sports GK Questions and answers on cricket for any competitive exams. So, let’s start and you must read and practice on these Sports GK Questions Answers in English related to Cricket.

Sports GK Questions in English on Cricket
Sports GK Questions in English on Cricket

Sports GK Questions in English on Cricket

Q1. Which country is called “Birth of Cricket Game”?
Ans: England

Q2. When and where was the First Cricket world cup held?
Ans: 1975 in England

Q3. When was the First Day-Night match played?
Ans: In 1992

Q4. The First player who took the Hat-Trick in World Cup?
Ans: Indian Player Chetan Sharma against New Zealand

Q5. The First Player who took the Hat-Trick and then one more Wicket in next ball (4 Ball- 4 Wickets)?
Ans: Lasith Malinga (Sri Lankan Player) against South Africa in 2007

Q5. What is the name of the first Cricket Club in India?
Ans: Oriental Cricket Club

Q6. Name of the First Captain of Indian Test team?
Ans: C.K. Nayudu

Q7. Name of the First Captain of India ODI Team?
Ans: Ajit Wadekar

Q8. First India Player to scores a half-century?
Ans: Amar Singh

Q9. First Indian cricketer to scores a century?
Ans: Lala Amarnath in 1933

Q10. The first Indian cricketer to score a double century in Tests match?
Ans: Polly Umrigar, 223 against New Zealand

Cricket Sports GK Question Answer in Hindi 2021

Q11. The first Indian cricketer to score a triple century in Tests
Ans: Virender Sehwag against Pakistan, 309

Q12. First Indian cricketer to score a double century in ODIs
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar, Gwalior, 200 against South Africa on February 24, 2010

Q13. Who is the only Indian player to score two triple century in Test matches?
Ans: Varinder Sehwag

Q14. The Indian Player to take First hat-trick in a Test match?
Ans:  Harbhajan Singh in March 2001

Q15. The India Player to take First hat-trick in ODI?
Ans: Chetan Sharma against New Zealand in 1987

Q16. The first batsman to complete 10,000 runs in Test cricket?
Ans: Sunil Gavaskar

Q17. The first batsman to complete 10,000 runs in ODI cricket?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Q18. The first cricketer to score 100 hundreds in Test and ODI combined
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

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Q19. Bowler, who takes all 10 wickets in an innings?
Ans: Anil Kumble, 10/74, 1999, against Pakistan in Delhi

Q20. Where is the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the supreme body of cricket Located?
Ans: Dubai

Cricket GK Quiz Question Answers General Knowledge

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Q21. Who was India’s first woman umpire?
Ans: Anjali Rai

Q22. Who is the highest wicket-taker in the history of Test cricket?

Ans:  Muthiah Muralidharan (Sri Lanka)

Q23. Who is the world’s third bowler to take 600 wickets in Test cricket?
Ans: Anil Kumble

Q24. Who is the first cricket player to be conferred the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Q25. Cricket is the national sport of which country.
Ans: England, Australia

Q26. Which game is associated with the word Beamer?
Ans: Cricket

Q27. Deodhar Trophy is related to which game?
Ans: Cricket

Q28. Where was the 2007 Cricket World Cup held?
Ans: West Indies

Q29. The Ashes cricket series is played between which two countries?
Ans: Australia and England

Q30. Which game is called crease, duck, and driver word related to?
Ans: Cricket

Top 50 Cricket GK Questions Answers in English

Q31. Who is the author of the famous cricket book ‘Cricket My Style’?
Ans: Kapil Dev

Q32. When did India become a member of ICC?
Ans: 1926 (before the formation of BCCI)

Q33. Whose book is “Sunny Days”?
Ans: Sunil Gavaskar

Q34. Which award is called “Oscar of Cricket”?
Ans: ICC Award

Q35. Which player is known as “turbinator”?
Ans: Harbhajan Singh

Q36. Which cricketer is known as “Rawalpindi Express”?
Ans: Shoaib Akhtar

Q37. “Bombay Bomber” is the nickname of which international cricketer?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Q38. Who is the author of the famous book “Idols”?
Ans: Sunil Gavaskar

Q39. Which magazine is called the “Bible of cricket”?
Ans: Wisden

Q40. Which player has set the record for most runs in an innings of Test cricket?
Ans: Brian Lara, West Indies, 400 runs

Cricket Questions and Answers for General Awareness

Q41. Which Indian cricketer has led the team in most Test matches?
Ans: Mahendra Singh Dhoni 53 matches

Q42. The name of the player who has the highest stumping record in international cricket?

Ans:  Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India, 134 times

Q43. Where was the 2007 Cricket World Cup held?
Ans: West Indies

Q44. The first Indian woman to score a double century in the cricket Test match
Ans: Mithali Raj [against England, 214 runs]

Q45. Who is the only cricketer in the world to get India’s highest honour?
Ans: Bharat Ratna – Sachin Tendulkar

Q46. Who made the first double century in One Day cricket?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

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Q47. World’s first batsmen who completed 10 thousand runs in Test cricket?
Ans: Sunil Gavaskar

Q48. Where India played its first international ODI match?
Ans: Headingley, England

Q49. Which player was honoured by the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2007?
Ans: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q50. Who was the youngest captain in Indian Test match cricket?
Ans: Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Q51. Which player is the record of making the fastest century in One Day Cricket?
Ans: AB de Villiers, South Africa, in 31 balls

Q52. What is the Test Cricket Series between England and Australia called?
Ans: Ashes

Q53. Which country won the World Cup for the second consecutive time by defeating Pakistan by 2 wickets in the Blind Cricket World Cup final?
Ans:  India

Q54. The NatWest Trophy is related to which game?
Ans:  Cricket

Q55. Which measurement in cricket has remained unchanged since 1744?
Ans: Length of the pitch, 22 yards

Q56. Till 1889 how many balls an overused to be bowled?
Ans: Four

Q57. In which country was an eight-ball over in vogue till lately?
Ans: Australia

Q58. What was the color of the ball used in the earlier days of women’s cricket in England?
Ans: Blue

Q59. In which English county and when was a white ball used for play during the day?
Ans: Kent, 1936 

Q60. When was overarm bowling accepted as legal?
Ans: 1864

Sports GK Quiz Question Answers about Cricket

Q61. Who was the first bowler to bowl overarm?
Ans: Edward Willsher

Q62. What is a hat-trick?
Ans: A bowler taking 3 wickets off 3 consecutive balls.

Q63. Why is such a feat so called?
Ans: Because of the earlier days’ custom of presenting the bowler with a hat.

Q64. When was this first done?
Ans: 1858

Q65. When and where was the first Test played?
Ans: Melbourne, 1877

Q66. What is the earliest available record of cricket having been played in India?
Ans: 1721 at Cambay, Western India

Q67. Which is the oldest cricket club in the world?
Ans: M.C.C. (Marylebone Cricket Club), London

Q68. Which Indian team was the first to tour abroad?
Ans: Parsis; to England in 1886

Q69. When did India play its first Test match and where?
Ans: Lord’s, London; 1932

Q70. Who wrote’ The History of Cricket?
Ans: H.S. Altham

Cricket GK Quiz – Sports General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

Q71. What does LBW stand for?

Ans: Leg Before Wicket

Q72. Which bowler is most famous for his slingy action and deadly yorkers?

Ans: Lasith Malinga

Q73. Which umpire is most famously known for his unusual signaling style?

Ans: Billy Bowden

Q74. Who has the most ODI centuries when batting second?

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Ans: Virat Kholi

Q75. Who holds the record for the highest individual score in a first-class innings?

Ans: Brian Lara (West Indies)

Q76. Who has the highest individual score in the 50 Over World Cup?

Ans: Martin Guptill

Q77. Where and when did Brian Lara score 400* in a Test innings?

Ans: St John’s, 2004

Q78. Who has umpired in the most test matches?

Ans: Steve Bucknor

Q79. How long did the longest recorded test match last for?

Ans: 9 Days

Q80. What is the highest team total in test cricket?

Ans: 952

Q81. What is the highest successful run chase in an ODI?

Ans: 438

Q82. Who has taken the most wickets in 50 Over World Cup matches?

Ans: Glenn McGrath

Q83. Who has the most Twenty20 International wickets?

Ans: Shahid Afridi

Q84. What year was the first-ever test match held?

Ans: 1977

Q85. Who has the highest individual score in the World T20?

Ans: Brendon McCullum

Basic Sports GK Questions and Answers on Cricket for Kids

Q86. How many people are on the field when the ball is considered to be ‘alive’?

Ans: 15

Q87. Who has the most ducks in international cricket?

Ans: Muttiah Muralitharan

Q88. How many Cricket World Cups have taken place? (Combined 50 & 20 Over World Cups)

Ans: 18

Q89. Who has played the most matches in Twenty20 Internationals?

Ans: Shoaib Malik

Q90. How many matches were scheduled for the 2021 ICC Cricket World Cup?

Ans: 48 matches

Q91. Lord’s Cricket Ground was established in which year?

Ans: 1814

Q92. In which years ICC Cricket World Cup’s were held in England and Wales?

Ans: 1975, 1979, 1983, 1999 and Now in 2021

Q93. Which countries hosted the 2021 Cricket World Cup?

Ans: New Zealand and Australia

Q94. 2011 Cricket World Cup was hosted in which countries?

Ans: India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Q95. 2007 Cricket World was won by which team?

Ans: Australia

Q96. What was the schedule of the 2007 Cricket World?

Ans: 13 March to 28 April 2007

Q97. Australia won the 2003 Cricket World Cup by how many runs?

Ans: 125 Runs

Q98. Which team won the 1999 Cricket World Cup final?

Ans: Australia

Q99. Which team won the 1996 Cricket World Cup final match?

Ans: Sri Lanka

Q100. 1996 Cricket World Cup final match was held in which stadium?

Ans: Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Q101. Who was the captain of the first India’s world cup match in 1975?

And. Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan

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