Spooky Valentine’s Day Events Still Popular in Central Michigan

Spooky Valentine's Day Events Still Popular in Central Michigan

Spooky Valentine’s Day Events Still Popular in Central Michigan


JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) – Usually Valentine’s Day is associated with flowers, chocolate, or spending time with your partner, but you don’t expect to be scared. However, two local events appear to have thrown some scare into this sweet holiday.

Starting with Jackson is the bloody spree of 2022. Held at the Commonwealth Business Center, the event is fun for the whole family.

background: Jackson’s ‘Blood Bash’ Offers Another Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Visitors can find games, vendors, costume contests, and more. Last year, Blood Bash was canceled due to the pandemic.

James Seagraves, owner of MeggaXP, Saying it’s a different but great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“February is a weird time. Like October, you’re just full of scary stuff, scary stuff, scary stuff. We don’t think there’s anything else to do in Jackson in February,” Seagraves said. “So, we tried it, starting with Valentine’s Day weekend.”

To Seagraves, it’s no surprise that panics are in vogue around Valentine’s Day.

“There’s always been a weird connection between romance and horror, and that’s why things like True Blood and — whether you like it or not — Twilight, all of those things are intertwined, and it’s a success, ‘ said Seagraves. “People love it. Gives us something to do in the winter.”

You can take part in Happy Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

In Leslie, the haunted house of the awakening Hosted their Love Bites event.

Horror attraction in former car dealership brings Halloween to Valentine’s Day.The event also had a complete blackout, with fans only getting a flashlight and was terrified in the dark.

Awaken co-owner Brian McVay says they want to provide some extra horror entertainment Halloween lovers.

“Just really trying to come up with something for the off-season, you know?” McVay said. “There’s a long way to go between Halloween, so we just thought it would be a fun event for people and a bit of a different.”

The idea came from a co-owner Been scaring people since 2016.

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