Shipping delays put Valentine’s Day flower deliveries at risk – NBC Boston

Shipping delays put Valentine's Day flower deliveries at risk - NBC Boston

Shipping delays put Valentine’s Day flower deliveries at risk – NBC Boston


It’s a little difficult to send a rose with another name this Valentine’s Day.

There’s no shortage of flowers, says Jackie Levine of Cambridge’s Central Square Florist.

“The farm has a lot of produce. Lots of flowers around. There’s no shortage of roses, hydrangeas, tulips.”

But for roses, the farm is in South America, which means shipping.

“So if your flowers don’t leave the farm in time, you don’t get on the plane in time, you miss the truck, then you’re going to have a shortage of product.”

She ordered ahead of time to avoid it, but Jimmy Batista of Waltham Florist saw it.

“The truck was delayed, so we should have received it yesterday and it’s been delayed until Friday,” he said.

This means keeping most of the arrangements in the refrigerator until the roses appear. He also turned to other products.

“Crystal et Fleur. We did a colab with them. We dropped five colors. Those were really good. And roses forever.”

These are freeze-dried roses that can be kept for at least a year without watering. However, none of these will solve the domestic labor shortage.

Jodie Campbell, of Waltham, said one person she knew “tried to deliver flowers on the weekend but had to choose Friday as the last day to deliver.”

Batista said business was good but busy.

“I’m waiting for Tuesday. We’re counting down here. It’s been a lot of early morning. Late night.”

A message to those who haven’t shopped yet – it’s not too late to buy, but you may not be able to have it delivered when you need it.

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