She called BF a ‘gold digger’ because he gave her ‘regular chocolate’ and ‘a flower’ on Valentine’s Day

She called BF a 'gold digger' because he gave her 'regular chocolate' and 'a flower' on Valentine's Day

She called BF a ‘gold digger’ because he gave her ‘regular chocolate’ and ‘a flower’ on Valentine’s Day


SINGAPORE — A woman worried about the widening economic gap between herself and her boyfriend took to the internet to pour out her distress.

In an anonymous post on the popular Facebook page NUSWhispers on Friday, she revealed the pair were both in their 30s and had been dating for 11 months. They are financially independent and have roughly the same level of income, she said. But her boyfriend was far more “frugal” than she was, and it started to bother her.

It didn’t matter at first, she said, but “lately I don’t think he’s working as hard as I do, and it feels like he’s becoming a gold digger”.

The dissatisfaction escalates into a spat on Valentine’s Day (not everything) when he cancels their dinner plans at the last minute so he can comfort a heartbroken friend.

But then they decided to celebrate their love on February 15th instead.

“Obviously it should be an effort on both sides on Vday isn’t it? I bought him a fancy brand shirt and tie. But guess what he bought me? Just some regular chocolate and a flower stem,” she wrote .

She didn’t expect anything precious, but she expected more efforts and better gifts from her boyfriend. She qualified this by saying that they all agreed on a budget of S$100 for the occasion.

Clearly frustrated, she highlights other occasions where she thinks he’s being overly frugal. She had bought him an expensive gaming chair the previous Christmas.

“Two weeks before Christmas, he accidentally got into my inbox and saw the order confirmation email, so he already knew I had bought him a chair. In return, he gave me a pair of Nike sneakers,” she wrote road.

She said that when she went to his house, she always bought food and desserts for his house, but when she went to her house for New Year’s Eve dinner, he only bought two or three packs at most.

When she confronted him, “he disagreed, saying he was thrifty since he was a child and can’t change. When I asked him if I should lower the price of the gift I gave him to match his price, he said no, he would rather accept the expensive gifts, and cheap gifts that he wouldn’t want or use.”

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She said she loved him but felt her partner was reluctant to put in the effort and just wanted a gift.

“But not just one party can give power in a relationship. I also can’t understand why his friend is more important than me at Vday. I don’t feel loved by him anymore. What should I do?” she asked.

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