Sharing Valentine’s Day Love at Michigan Medicine – Michigan Medicine Headlines

Sharing Valentine's Day Love at Michigan Medicine - Michigan Medicine Headlines

Sharing Valentine’s Day Love at Michigan Medicine – Michigan Medicine Headlines


From cards to teddy bears to flowers, Michigan Medicine patients and colleagues felt the love and compassion of our amazing team members on Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the festivities on Monday at the medical campus.

Valentine’s Day at #LittleVictors

Thanks to community members and staff, we received thousands of virtual reality Valentine’s Day cards at Little Victors in Mott this year!

In partnership with virtual reality company Spellbound, patients can bring their cards to life and kick a shot, help a turtle swim or feed a dinosaur.

“It’s been a lot of fun every year for our kids,” said Luanne Thomas Ewald, MHA, FACHE, Chief Operating Officer, CS Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital. “Our patients love seeing names on cards and locations from across the country and around the world.”

The cards are also shared with all outpatient care clinics that see pediatric patients to spread the love throughout UM Health.

bear comfort

Mott’s teddy bear program has been a favorite of patients and their families.

“Mott’s patients receive a new teddy bear during their hospital stay, which our care team uses to bring comfort and peace of mind to our patients,” Ewald said. “Many times before surgery or testing, our care team will examine the bear first to show our patients how it will go and to relieve some anxiety.”

T-shirts on the bears are changed out for special occasions or holidays. This week’s bears celebrated Valentine’s Day with heart and gnome t-shirts.

In addition, Mott received a special donation from the U Can-Cer Vive Foundation, a nonprofit founded by the LaFontaine family that provides critical funding for cancer research, as well as their 2022 “UR My Valentine” initiative. Patients in Mott’s oncology and infusion departments received bears and hats.

“We are very grateful to LaFontaine’s for supporting our Little Victors,” Ewald said.

roses for new parents

For many patients at the women’s hospital, it was their first Valentine’s Day with new family members.

“We want to make sure that our patients at Von Voigtlander and Women’s Hospital feel part of our celebration,” Ewald said.

“We’ve got them sweet Valentine’s Day treats (no VR, because we know new parents are a little busy!) and beautiful bud vases with roses to brighten up their room and help them celebrate the holidays.”

colleagues send flowers

On Monday, Tamara Kutter, a senior administrative assistant in the Department of Pathology, and her aides brought fresh carnations and a note to staff, patients and visitors across the Tosley Triangle. surprise,”You received this flower as a random act of kindness. Keep it or…share it and spread more kindness!

“We distributed 500 flowers in just over two hours,” Coote said. “Some people told us they were going to take their flowers home to their significant other. Many people passed by a second time and told us that they “spread more” by giving flowers to colleagues, patients or their bosses Kindness”. That’s exactly what I want to happen!”

Coot, who dreams, plans and coordinates flower deliveries, said her plan was purposeful. She explained that throughout the pandemic, people are facing huge changes and stress, and sometimes it helps to focus on the little things and find joy in them.

“As the recipient of a random act of kindness, accepting a flower in this situation tends to change your perception,” she said. “And, if you share that kindness, your kindness multiplies.”

Coote originally planned to buy carnations himself from the Costco store in Pittsfield. However, when Costco learned of her plans, the store offered to donate flowers as a giveaway.

Coote is grateful to the do-gooders who helped make her plan possible. Colleagues Avery Polk, Caryn Crane and Jenny Fossom helped arrange and deliver flowers. Camren Clouthier captured the day by photographing the happy faces of flower recipients.

“This little act of kindness shines through on our medical campus, and it warms my heart enough to get me through two Michigan winters,” Coote said.

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