Share love: Xiao Er sends flowers, Valentine’s Day sends kindness | News, sports, work

Share love: Xiao Er sends flowers, Valentine's Day sends kindness | News, sports, work

Share love: Xiao Er sends flowers, Valentine’s Day sends kindness | News, sports, work


Tammy Coakley/Express Mail Addison Lyons and Eli Shade are wearing their best outfits and smiling for a photoshoot.

HOWARD — On Saturday, February 12, several people in the Howard area knocked on doors in surprise. They found a young couple offering flowers and Valentine’s Day wishes to them. Addison Lyons and Eli Shadle are the young couple who visited with more than 30 widows and widowers that day to spread happiness to others.

Addison first came up with the idea shortly after Christmas 2019. Her parents taught her “it is better to give than to receive” and she wanted to do more than just give at Christmas. On Valentine’s Day 2020, Eddie used her own money to buy flowers for 12 local widows she visited with her mother. Last year, the mother-daughter duo toured with 20 people for a few minutes.

With the help of her young friend Eli, Eddie delivers goods to 30 people who have lost their spouses. Driven by Eddie’s mother this year, the young couple brought a bouquet of pink and red carnations with white baby breath, a bag full of homemade cookies, and early wishes for “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Eli and Addie started school at Liberty Curtin Elementary School together in Kindergarten. Now the 10-year-old friends are in different schools but still keep in touch. Both were very nicely dressed on delivery day, with Eli wearing a tie and tank top and Addison in a nice light blue gown.

Addison is in fifth grade at Center County Christian Academy and enjoys cheering at the competition, painting and tending to her chickens. She is learning to cook and bake and enjoys collecting recipes from family and friends. Addison attended the Free Living Church near Millsburg with her parents, Tina and Tim Shorley.

Eli attended Central Hills Middle School and was also in fifth grade. He plays trumpet and cello. He likes sports, especially baseball and football. Eli, his little sister Kyper and their parents Nate and Karen Shadle attended Beach Creek Wesleyan Church.

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