Shakuntala Character Analysis in Shakuntala

Easter Symbol in The Sound and the Fury

Shakuntala Character Analysis in Shakuntala

MARICA. When Menaka came to Aditi, transporting her daughter from the nymphs’ ford in such obvious distress, I saw, in meditation, that you had rejected your forest wife because of a curse, spoken by Durvasas. I saw too that the curse would lift when you caught sight of this ring.

KING [sighing with relief]. So—I am not to blame.

SHAKUNTALA [to herself]. It’s good to know my husband didn’t reject me for no reason at all. And yet I don’t remember being cursed. Or perhaps it fell unnoticed through the emptiness of separation that engulfed me then. My friends did urge me to show the ring to my husband.

MARICA. Daughter, now you know the truth. Feel no resentment towards your lord:

When his memory was cursed,
Your husband was cruel to you,
But that darkness has lifted
And your power’s renewed;
The mirror was tarnished,
The image obscure,
But with polishing
It all becomes clear.

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