Sean White Fans Are So Confused About His Valentine’s Day Instagram With Nina Dobrev

Sean White Fans Are So Confused About His Valentine's Day Instagram With Nina Dobrev

Sean White Fans Are So Confused About His Valentine’s Day Instagram With Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev welcome Sean White Open arms and a kiss… kinda.

After attending his fifth and final Winter Olympics in Beijing, the three-time gold medalist said goodbye to the world of professional snowboarding. Although bittersweet, Sean returned home in time to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend of nearly two years. Sean and Nina appeared to be celebrating in a low-key manner after a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday. But their stupidity still caught some people’s attention.

“Nature found a way…. Happy Valentine’s Day @Nina ā¤ļø,” Shaun captioned one of their photos. In the photo, he and Nina are wearing clear face shields designed to provide extra protection against COVID-19. Unlike the medical world, the couple didn’t pair it with a face shield for optimal safety. Instead, Shaun and Nina took the device and went for a kiss, well…it took a funny photo.

Seeing the intimate photo of Sean and Nina together, fans immediately flooded the comments with various reactions. On the one hand, some people reached out to Sean with slight concerns about his life after the Winter Olympics. “Shaun what is this?” one person wrote. “Shaun retired and forgot how to act šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚,” another fan said.

That said, others can’t stop admiring the way Sean and Nina are actually showing off their humor on social media. “You guys are so ridiculous, that’s what I’m here for!!” commented one follower. “This sā€”t is fun! Nina has a crush on you! Enjoy life, that’s it! Love you guys! ā¤ļø,” someone else wrote.

On her own Instagram, Nina also posts playful photos. “The rose [sic.] Is red violet is blue how good I am not tired of you. Mine is yours, no refunds,” she wrote, to which Sean replied, “All sales are final šŸ¤·šŸ»ā™‚ļøšŸ˜‚ā¤ļø. “

While Nina likes to share carefree, fun content, Shaun also likes to keep fans lighthearted. During a trip abroad, the former Olympic athlete gave followers a glimpse of what he was doing when he wasn’t on the board. From decompressing with a face full of snow to passing the time by eating a lot of food, Sean is not afraid to show who he is in real life.

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On the surface, he and Nina’s antics are in tune.

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