Romantic Movies and Shows Perfect for Valentine’s Day on ABC, Freeform and FX


Romantic Movies and Shows Perfect for Valentine’s Day on ABC, Freeform and FX


New Year is really here! It’s time to shake off the lingering January blues and look positively into the year ahead. More importantly, the season of love is here! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone or with someone special, there’s never been a better time to relive a classic or discover a new favorite show. Luckily, ABC, Freeform and FX have the perfect blend of romantic comedy and heartwarming series to get you into the essence of this season. With that in mind, here’s just a pick of some great shows and movies you can watch this Valentine’s Day!

One of the happiest things about Valentine’s Day is seeing other couples get together. So, what better way to get you in a romantic mood than watching a bunch of singles try to win over Mr. Right? Undergraduate? So far, this is the best time to catch up on all the drama in Season 26. Or, why not relive last season, or relive the emotional ups and downs with highlights from past seasons? bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise?

If you’re in a different mood, don’t worry! ABC has many great series for you. Valentine’s Day is a great reason to hug and party with loved ones in one of the many great comedies.Catch up on the latest episodes Negro, Goldberg, and family economy, or revisit old favorites such as Samantha who? or Ugly Betty.

While there are plenty of options for the perfect Valentine’s Day date, dinner and a movie are a simple joy. Thankfully, Freeform has many different flavors of movies to choose from!classic romantic comedies such as the unforgettable 50 first date and fabulous veneer dance, There is sure to be something to suit your personal preferences.There are also plenty of Freeform originals that are perfect for this season, including Workplace Courtship and about Harry.

Of course, romantic movies may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck — there are plenty of options to choose from to watch a great movie on Valentine’s Day. Want fairytale romance?You have mirror mirror, Starring Lily Collins and the irreplaceable Julia Roberts. Or, if you like thrilling stories, why not? perfect guythe story of a woman who begins a relationship with a man who is too good to be true. But if you want to make room for multiple nights, now is the perfect time to dive into the latest season mature, Zoe is ready to graduate, or Freeform’s latest hit single drunk.

Of course, not all great love stories fall straight into the trap of the typical rom-com, and FX is the place to find them!For the crazy antics that make you laugh, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to catch up on the latest season Philadelphia is always sunny. Like animated shows? Then, you can find out how Belchers stays romantic in the Valentine’s Day-themed episode (and beyond) as she tries to run a business and raise kids. bob’s burger.

If you are in the mood to watch a movie, then you can watch it too shape of water In Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning romantic fantasy, get a glimpse of the janitor’s bizarrely beautiful relationship with her otherworldly boyfriend.and dead Pool and deadpool 2 supply You are a healthy heartfelt romance interspersed with comedic moments of action and laughter in it.On the other hand, you can grab Alien: Covenant or a quiet place If you’re looking for something scarier to get along with that special someone.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, no matter who you choose to spend it with, you’ll find all of these movies, shows, and more on ABC, Freeform, and FX.

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