Road Rage gunman terrorizes couple on Valentine’s Eve

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Road Rage gunman terrorizes couple on Valentine's Eve

Road Rage gunman terrorizes couple on Valentine’s Eve


Houston, Texas — A Houston-area woman who identified herself as Sarah said Valentine’s Day became when she and her boyfriend were chased for 20 minutes by an armed man in a dark-colored SUV after she and her boyfriend left her home in The Heights A survival contest.

“I was just praying, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me!'” said Sarah, who asked us not to reveal her full name. “We had just entered the motorway. He cut us off, we turned on the lights, then he slowed down and our cars were very close to each other, and that’s how it started.”

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Suddenly, as the couple was driving down I-10, Sarah said the driver of another car pulled up next to them, pointed a laser-equipped pistol directly at her boyfriend’s head, and drove towards them. took a few shots.

“Just as I was looking to the left, I saw a green laser pointed at us through the window, and I said, ‘He has a gun!’ He shot us,” she added.


At the time, Sarah said the couple fled to a Target parking lot on Shearn Street, where the gunman drove up to their car again and fired several more shots.

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Two of the bullets went straight through the driver’s door.

“It felt like we were the prey, like we were being hunted,” she said. “Like he was after us.”

Sarah said the gunman continued to chase them for miles.

She and her boyfriend called 911 and were told to crouch in the car, put on emergency flashers and try to find a gas station or police station to stop.

In the end, Sarah said the couple spotted a police car and drove up to it with its horn on.

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She said the police did nothing and drove off.

Afterwards, Sarah said the man who was chasing them finally disappeared.

Sarah has advice for anyone who may be the target of road rage:

“My first piece of advice is to drive to the police station and be on the phone with 911 all the time,” Sarah said.


Houston police are investigating surveillance footage of the gunman’s SUV in the Target’s parking lot.

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