Rihanna’s Valentine’s Day Photos Include Lego Bouquets

Rihanna's Valentine's Day Photos Include Lego Bouquets

Rihanna’s Valentine’s Day Photos Include Lego Bouquets


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Rihanna is a billionaire, entrepreneur, entertainer, Met Gala star, fashion designer, extraordinary makeup mogul and expectant mother. Apparently, she’s also a Lego “nerd.” On Valentine’s Day, Cardi B bought six Chanel bags from Offset, while Kourtney Kardashian came home to Travis Barker’s giant red rose-covered statue of Minnie and Mickey, while Rihanna was enjoying an al fresco dinner and a bunch of Lego flowers.It’s made of flowers lego blocks.

The quintessentially private pop star has shared some photos from her romantic Valentine’s Day celebration with A$AP Rocky, who is expecting her first child. “Nerd,” she captioned the photo carousel, which features a bunch of Lego flowers neatly placed in a glass vase. (did she get those for Valentine’s Day? All indications are yes. ) She also shared a photo of what appeared to be a caviar meal, a Valentine’s Day card and a photo of the sunset. One of the photos offered a glimpse of a lavish pinky ring spelled “Rih” in large diamond-encrusted letters. I’m guessing it might be what’s in the Lego wrapper seen in the first photo.

I have two main questions about this LEGO gift: (1) Do we think A$AP Rocky bought it himself or got it for free from the company? (2) Did Rihanna build it herself?

The LEGO bouquet set retails for $49.99, though it’s currently backordered on the official LEGO website. It comes in 756 pieces, and I think it’s hard to do with Rihanna’s nails, let alone her schedule. Then again, the flowers only appeared on Instagram on Wednesday, two days after V-Day, which is probably just enough time to build an intricate LEGO brick. If anyone can do it, it’s Rihanna.

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