Rihanna feeding the pigeons is in the spirit of Valentine’s Day

Rihanna feeding the pigeons is in the spirit of Valentine's Day

Rihanna feeding the pigeons is in the spirit of Valentine’s Day


Happy V-Day πŸ™‚ Photo Illustration: Clip; Photo: Getty Images

Once upon a time, on September 5, 2016, Rihanna went for a walk in New York City, and I think it was a brooding, sex affair with Drake (they were dating at the time). It was about 7am and she was still wearing the big, puffy heart jacket and shorts she was photographed leaving the club. Her attire choices add texture to an otherwise unremarkable event: a peaceful stroll through the empty streets of Soho, handing out breakfast to pigeons.Someone Spotted Rihanna – Because Dressing Like a Heart Monster Is Hard to Miss Looney Tunes – and shot a video that quickly went viral on social media before taking up permanent residence in a festive corner of my brain space. It slept there most of the time, but the seasonal part of the drugstore turned pink and Rihanna came and threw at me with bird food behind the eyeballs. This image is pure Valentine’s Day, baby — a neat visual shorthand that encapsulates all my thoughts and feelings: this annual tradition.

Granted, this scene has nothing (and has nothing) to do with Valentine’s Day. The time has passed. However, there’s no denying that Rihanna does look like a walking lover, so there’s a very clear 1:1 line between the big hearts and my holiday associations. But what really fascinated me was the spectacle of splendor layered on top of the mundane. If not exactly Valentine’s Day, what holiday is it?

Valentine’s Day celebrations fall into three broad categories: shine, come home or eat out. Let’s consider them in reverse order, starting with the way to order at your favorite pasta by the book, flower-chocolate dinner. classic for a reasonsome of you nod your head in agreement; Everyone loves date nightMostly true, although date night does feel less intimate when everyone else in the restaurant is also there. It can also be embarrassing, for example, if the restaurant’s manager decides to satisfy the occasion’s ambience demands by cramming large, spooky teddy bears into an already crowded seating plan. I remember when I reluctantly agreed to a full-fledged V-Date. Wanting to buy a flower for my boyfriend (holidays); rolling around on snowdrifts as the February winds continue to blow away my coat and skirt (frivolous); blending myself into a sea of ​​other couples (sensual ); trying not to let our knees hit the table and knocking Lambrusco (bubbly, theme); willing to make the ravioli more romantic because we’re committed to that. We’re not just on a regular weekend date; as you can see from Cupid on the menu, we’re sharing a special moment. To me, it felt like a romantic show, like I was just a player in the production, a cog in the V-Day machine.

All of this makes for a compelling reason to have a nice little night out. It’s easier to have a boozy nude feast in true Valentine’s spirit when you’re at home, so let’s say you’ve lit a health-damaging number of candles for a cozy, flame-lit gorgeous, slutty pasta meal . That sounds like a great option for one, two, three, literally any number of people. It also sounds like a regular epidemic on Saturday. Nothing to sneeze at, but still familiar. Maybe you’ll want a gimmick.

That’s the trick, some would say, to the V-Day conundrum: don’t take it so seriously, but focus on the absurd. If you happen to have Kanye’s budget, you might turn a Kenny G maroon in a room full of roses, or if you don’t, you might lure your sweetheart into a floor-to-ceiling room full of gas ​​The ball room. You can use chicken nuggets to make an elegantly edible arrangement for your fiancΓ©e, you can fill your best friend’s bathtub with candy hearts; ultimately, you want the end product to feel unexpected and memorable , and most importantly, compelling enough to distract from the fact that February 14th is just a Monday, otherwise it would go on like all other Mondays. Basically unremarkable. This is the morning commute time. This is a loft where pigeons peck on the streets of New York City. It’s denim shorts.but bundle it into a Saint Laurent fur etc – Elevated. We’re not just wandering aimlessly, throwing crumbs into the wind; we’re wrapped in a warm, fuzzy heart, and now it’s an occasion.

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