Restaurants offer specials on Valentine’s Day

Restaurants offer specials on Valentine's Day

Restaurants offer specials on Valentine’s Day


CHARLESTON, West Virginia (WSAZ) – The Pitch, a new Kanawha City sports bar, is offering Valentine’s Day specials in a different way.

Store co-owner Paul Smith said they have renamed the day Singles Awareness Day.

“We’re having a Valentine’s Day Singles Day, so we’re doing two different things for $9, a fish taco or two hot dogs,” Smith said.

This week will be the first time the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner.

“We’re doing the same function, but it’s gone from a bit of a crazy day today to a great date night tomorrow,” Smith said.

Along with the themed drinks, this year marks the second time the restaurant is hosting a Singles Awareness Day, and the first at the location.

The Dunbar store is closed on Mondays. Supply prices have risen this year with COVID-19, Smith said.

“We had to raise the prices a little bit because things were a little more expensive this year,” Smith said.

Smith is just encouraging people to bring their Valentine’s Day plans to the local area.

“Supporting the local area is our number one priority, not just part of the community we buy from local farms,” ​​Smith said.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Singles Day promotion, good food and cheers can get the job done.

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