Red Velvet Pizookies return to BJ’s in time for Valentine’s Day – NBC Los Angeles

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Red Velvet Pizookies return to BJ's in time for Valentine's Day – NBC Los Angeles

Red Velvet Pizookies return to BJ’s in time for Valentine’s Day – NBC Los Angeles


what to know

  • Available February 1-28, 2022 at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery
  • $7.75
  • Sweet Cream Cheese Is an Alluring Part of Gooey Goodness

Chocolate can rule our daydreams, cravings, conversations, and dessert plates in February, which is, oh, delicious, Chocolate Lover Month.

Oh yes: Valentine’s Day, a day long associated with rich candy, also arrives in mid-February.

While traditional chocolate, chocolate-coated candies, and chocolate-wrapped truffles will dominate the dessert aisles in our local stores over the next few weeks, there are still a few ways to find chocolate that’s a little different and totally delicious.

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For example, Red Velvet is known for its cream cheese, but white chocolate can sometimes play a starring role in the sweetness.

This will be a delicious case of BJ’s Restaurant and Brasserie throughout February, when one of the company’s most popular dishes will enjoy a limited-time return.

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This is the Red Velvet Pizookie, a holiday-ready spin on other traditional Pizookies that BJ’s has perfected over the decades.

Hot and cold, crisp, tangy sweetness includes “…freshly baked red velvet cookies with chunks of sweet cream cheese, white chocolate chips, and a tangy vanilla bean ice cream on top.”

This dip-and-spoon dessert costs $7.75, and while it’s sure to be a big Valentine’s order for couples with a sweet tooth, you can stop by any time this month and order one.

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While some Februarys occasionally have an extra day, February 2022 only has 28 days, which means sooner or later you’ll want to buy your Red Velvet Pizookie.

A utterly tempting, cream cheese, cookie-cutter dessert that’s only available in the shortest few months? Time to find this returning favorite at your local BJ’s.

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