Red Lobster Makes Date Night Magic Happen This Valentine’s Day

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Red Lobster Makes Date Night Magic Happen This Valentine's Day

Red Lobster Makes Date Night Magic Happen This Valentine’s Day


As February kicks off, Red Lobster brings back one of our favorite events, the Lobster Festival. Here we are as we head into Valentine’s Weekend, turning to the chain for all of our date night needs.

So if you’re looking for last-minute ideas for the perfect date night before Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any night of the month, we think Red Lobster is the answer.

What are we thinking about the perfect date night? Well, with the Lobster Festival going on, we always have options for a delicious lobster dinner, but there really is a lot on the menu that can make a date night magical.

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Red Lobster brings back the Lobster Festival and has the perfect date night dinner

While we can always recommend some Lobster Festival dinners such as their Lobster Lover’s Dream (guest favorite), Lobster Top Stuffed Halibut (new to the menu), and even the Bar Harbor Lobster Bake, on Valentine’s Day we are Think of something different.

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For the perfect date night dinner, why not join a date night feast for two! This addition to the menu (as part of the Lobster Festival festivities) offers diners,

Two butter poached Maine lobster tails, two 7 oz. Brisket, two giant grilled shrimp skewers and a shareable bacon macaroni and cheese. Plus, each guest can choose a side.

Sounds like the perfect date night dinner to us, and on Valentine’s Day, it might just be the ultimate meal. So if you’re looking for last minute dinner ideas for this weekend or February 14th, Red Lobster really has you covered.

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But we want to know, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day date night? Will Red Lobster and their Lobster Festival be on your menu? What do you think of their new date night extravaganza for two? Let us know what you think in the comments below Guilty Eaters.

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