Quad Cities Restaurant Welcomes Valentine’s Day Sale

Quad Cities Restaurant Welcomes Valentine's Day Sale

Quad Cities Restaurant Welcomes Valentine’s Day Sale


Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois. (KWQC) – Americans will spend between $175 and $210 on their sweethearts this Valentine’s Day, including going out to dinner, a national survey shows.

The National Retail Federation found that nearly one-third of Americans surveyed plan to go out on Valentine’s Day night, matching pre-pandemic levels. Both restaurants visited by TV6 this year have increased.

“You can come in before 1 and I’ll be sold out,” said Jack Viviani, managing partner of Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse in Moline.

It was one of many calls Jack Viviani made with Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse Monday morning, when people were looking for last-minute dinner reservations.

Viviani says “Johnny’s” has been booked for the past three weeks for Valentine’s weekend.

Last year was very different.

“Oh my gosh, it’s not even comparable. I mean, last year was half of our year. (Ringing), you can see the phone is ringing,” Viviani said.

During an interview with TV6, the ringtone lasted three different times.

“Thank you for choosing Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse in Moline, this is Jack.”

Even with an expected busy Valentine’s Day, Viviani has encountered the same supply chain issues as most other businesses during the pandemic.

“It’s unbelievable. You know, paper products. It’s just unreal. I can’t even tell you. A lot of things we just improvise. Simple things like carry-on bags and carry-on containers, Children’s cups and more,” said Viviani.

While supply issues aren’t a big deal at Davenport’s BIX Bistro, the booming Valentine’s Day business is similar to that of Johnny’s in Moline.

“Our expectations have been exceeded. We were very busy Friday and Saturday. We had a lot of business last night and we are fully booked tonight,” said Chassity Cole, a waiter at the BIX Bistro in Davenport.

Fully pre-booked for Valentine’s Day this year is a welcome change from last year.

“It’s just, people are just getting ready to quit and start their normal lives again,” Viviani said.

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