PSNI chief inspires Valentine’s card with striking beauty

PSNI chief inspires Valentine's card with striking beauty

PSNI chief inspires Valentine’s card with striking beauty


PSNI has been tight-lipped about a card that featured a top official driving romantics crazy ahead of Valentine’s Day.

t features Bobby Singleton, who is currently Assistant Chief of Police at PSNI and formerly led PSNI’s Estate Investigations Unit.

He first came to public attention in 2016, when PSNI posted a photo of him on Facebook with a caption detailing safety advice for the upcoming Tennant’s Vital festival.

The officer caught the attention of social media users who praised his looks and called him a superintendent hotspot in the comments section.

But PSNI declined to comment on the officer’s appearance on the front of a Valentine’s Day card made by Londonderry firm Ferry Clever to mark this Monday’s International Day of Romance. It read: “RUCing anyone? Because I can’t let me leave your PSNI!”

It also includes a cartoon of Deputy Sheriff Singleton, who has a speech bubble that reads: “Am Gonny Cuff Ye!”

Sky News reporter David Blevins, who received mixed reactions after sharing the card, was full of praise for the new card on Twitter. “When police posts on social media turn into memes…memes turn into Valentine’s Day cards. The catwalk beckons to the assistant sheriff,” he said.

One Twitter user said the card was “a little creepy”, while another said there would be “outrage” if a female police officer showed up.

Another said: “I feel like it’s a very niche market for this particular card.”

But others agreed, with one Twitter user saying she was sure the officer was “happy”. Another said: “He should be a model.”

Former Detective Superintendent Singleton, who officially became assistant sheriff last month after taking the post on an interim basis, laughed off his newfound big-man status, following a Facebook post in 2016.

“Another day at the office lol,” he tweeted, adding that his colleagues “make sure I stay on good ground.”

Ferry Clever further revealed to the Belfast Telegraph some of their best-selling Valentine’s Day cards this year.

One included an animation of the lateral flow test for rapid detection of the coronavirus, which read: “You tested positive because it was a pure journey!”

Another is a fan favorite of the acclaimed BBC crime drama Line Of Duty. It features a cartoon of Chief Detective Ted Hastings, played by Enniskillen-born actor Adrian Dunbar, and says: “I’m only interested in two things Interested. Bend brass and be your guy!”

A Derry girl-themed card read: “Happy Valentine’s Day my favourite Derry girl. Totally crazy for you!”

Ferry Clever recently sparked controversy with a Christmas card in which Gerry Adams sang a modified version of the traditional carol Deck The Halls as the caroler, instead of replacing the lyrics with “Tiofaidh ar la, la, la, la, la”.

After the public reaction, the card was later removed from their website, and the company apologized for the card. A spokesperson for Ferry Clever said: “While our business is based on satirical comedy, we never intend to offend anyone.

“As all of our clients know, we regularly produce videos for charities with prominent and well-known people, dedicated to raising awareness and much-needed funding for local charities.”

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