PS5 and PS4 multiplayer will be free on Valentine’s Day

PS5 and PS4 multiplayer will be free on Valentine's Day

PS5 and PS4 multiplayer will be free on Valentine’s Day


PlayStation 4 and 5 owners can play games online for free as Sony celebrates Valentine’s Day this weekend.

Sony announced on its website that playing multiplayer games online usually requires a paid PlayStation Plus subscription, but from February 12-14, users can enjoy the service for free.

“Who will you be partnering with this weekend? Share the love of multiplayer this Valentine’s Day,” PlayStation said in its official announcement.

The free period will run from February 12th at 12:01AM until February 14th at 11:59PM, which appears to be local time, as PlayStation doesn’t specify any time zone. Of course, users will still need actual games to play online, as PlayStation Plus monthly free games won’t be available despite the weekend deals.

While playing competitive games on Valentine’s weekend might not be the most romantic thing in the world, there are plenty of co-op games to try.

For some recommendations, Deathloop on PS5 was nominated for IGN’s Game of the Year 2021. We say it’s a “masterpiece” because “Deathloop blends fun investigation work and satisfying combat into a unique time loop mechanic to create a very satisfying adventure.”

The best PS5 games

<h2>Top 10 PS5 Games</h2>
<p>(Updated January 24, 2022) The PS5 may be just beginning its life as a console, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of great experiences available for the platform’s early adopters.<br />Between several exclusive release titles, third-party next-gen titles, and Sony’s new commitment to backwards-compatible games, there’s plenty to choose from – here are our picks for ten of the best games you can dig into your Playstation 5 right now .</p>
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<p>Final Fantasy XIV won IGN’s Best Ongoing Game of 2021, and we say its Shadowbringers expansion is “amazing” because it just “further cements XIV’s place as one of the greatest Final Fantasy games of all time” .</p>
<p>We also updated our PUBG: Battlegrounds review for 2022, calling the current free-to-play version “great” as its “unique focus on large areas and realistic simulations are still fun”.</p>
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