Printable Mother’s Day Card for Grandma from Grandkids

Printable Mother's Day Card for Grandma from Grandkids

Printable Mother’s Day Card for Grandma from Grandkids

This is the Mother’s Day card for Grandma from Grandkids (the Mom version of this card can be found here).


Thinking of a special way to acknowledge Grandma on Mother’s Day can be a bit of a challenge. One thing all grandmothers love (besides loading the kids up with sugar right before sending them home to Mom and Dad) is a handmade gift from their grandchildren!

This handwritten card will be an adorable keepsake for Grandma to see herself through her grandchild’s eyes.

My older kids who can read and write on their own answered  “I know my Grandma loves me because” with: “she always kisses me” and “she jumps up and down when I do something good.” And seeing as they have an Italian Grandma, of course they both said that she cooks the best meatballs.

Even preschoolers can answer these questions about Grandma. My 5 year old said that her Grandma likes to wear high heels (accurate!) and that Grandma’s favorite thing to do is have her over for a sleepover 💖

It’s true, my children are very lucky to have an amazing grandmother who spoils them and has them over often for dinner and sleepovers.

Since I lost my mother before the kids were born, my children only have their one Grandma. I’m extremely grateful that the one they have is such a huge part of their lives. She is like a second mother to them. It’s the least I can do to make her feel special and loved with a little gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s also always fun to see Grandma through the children’s eyes when they draw a picture of her. That is why I added the space to draw “My Grandma” in frame at the bottom.

Mother's Day card for Grandma

To download the Mother’s Day card for Grandma, CLICK HERE.

If you like this design and want to see what the kids have to say about YOU, head over to the Mom version of this same printable!

Do you give a gift to Grandma on Mother’s Day? Share in the comments!

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