Pretoria woman accused of killing lover on Valentine’s Day, granted bail over cigarettes

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Pretoria District Court.

Pretoria woman accused of killing lover on Valentine’s Day, granted bail over cigarettes


Pretoria District Court.

Pretoria District Court.

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  • Natasha Beyers has been released on R3 000 bail for allegedly stabbing her lover on Valentine’s Day.
  • Byers admitted to stabbing her lover after an argument over cigarettes.
  • The deceased was also the father of Byers’ son.

A Pretoria woman who allegedly stabbed the father of her seven-year-old son on Valentine’s Day has been released on R3 000 rand bail.

Natasha Beyers, 31, appeared in Pretoria Magistrates Court on Monday and was granted bail.

The incident allegedly stemmed from a heated argument between the two over a cigarette.

Gauteng State Prosecution Service spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana said the allegation was that Arthur Dobson, 45, assaulted Beyers during an altercation.

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Byers allegedly stabbed Dobson in retaliation.

“Dobson eventually locked Byers in the house and drove away. He lost consciousness and control while driving through Fred Nicholson and Lamber streets. [of the vehicle] and collided with a tree,” Mahanjana said.

Paramedics rushed to the scene, but by the time they got to Dobson, he was dead.

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“The police tracked down the house where the deceased shared with Byers. When they arrived, they found Byers locked in the house, [she] Tell them that the deceased has taken the key.

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“The police found the keys in the car and notified Byers of the death of the deceased. After inquiring about what happened, Byers admitted to stabbing the deceased and pointed out the location and the weapon used to the police. Byers was arrested that day.” scene. “

In court, Biles’ attorney read an affidavit in which she admitted to stabbing the dead and asked for bail.

Prosecutor Nkhangweleni Phanuel Mudavhi told the court the state had good reasons for Beyers and her release on bail was not in the best interests of justice.

Muldavi also said Bayes had two previous convictions for theft and perjury.

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โ€œPreviously convicted of perjury, what evidence does the court have that she will be honest and abide by the conditions of her bail? Second, since there is evidence that the accused is on drugs, it is very likely that she may commit the first offense. The bail denial is ours Opinion.

However, magistrates granted Beyers R3 000 bail and said she was not a flight risk and she was unlikely to escape trial.

The matter was postponed until March 24 for further investigation.

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