Pop-Up Sandoitchi + Midnight Rambler = Valentine’s Weekend Love

Dinner will be paired with $75 cocktails. - Dan Padgett

Pop-Up Sandoitchi + Midnight Rambler = Valentine’s Weekend Love


Valentine’s weekend is a time to impress. That’s when you get your cannon out: roses, chocolate, and wagyu tartare. To impress your date, Midnight Rambler has teamed up with Sandoitchi, the Japanese pop-up Sando, for a special dinner.

The beloved nomadic Sandoitchi is opening a two-night dining event for The Joule’s underground cocktail bar, Midnight Rambler. The collaboration will feature a five-course tasting menu and cocktail pairings on Friday, February 11 and Saturday, February 12.

Usually, Sandoitchi comes into town as a takeaway business, but for Valentine’s Day it’s a full sit-down dinner. Titled “YES/NO/MAYBE,” recalling the days when you anxiously awaited the answer to your obsession, Chef Stevie Nguyen’s menu will include Wagyu Tartare Sandwiches, Silken Tofu, Wagyu Pork Chops Sandwiches, Wagyu Don and Strawberry Cream Mulberry many.

click enlarge Dinner will be paired with $75 cocktails. - Dan Padgett

Dinner will be paired with $75 cocktails.

Dan Padgett

The menu is accompanied by a seven-part cocktail flight curated by Midnight Rambler’s award-winning cocktail expert Gabe Sanchez.

“We want to go all out with our cocktail menu. I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and it’s time to impress, right?” Sanchez said in the release. “These cocktails are inspired by Japan, but through a creative lens that incorporates ingredients such as truffle butter wash whiskey and matcha syrup. The duo went from rushing to meet someone for the first time, through a rough breakup, and then bounced back.”

For those unfamiliar, Sandoitchi is an experimental Dallas-based pop-up store that first launched in February 2020 and was inspired by Sandos, a sandwich found in Japanese convenience store Konbini. Sandoitchi’s love interest, the Midnight Rambler, reopened after a pandemic nap with Sanchez in 2021, and has been in hot pop-up collaborations of late, most recently with RainbowCat.

The tasting menu for Valentine’s Day dinner is $125 per person, with a $75 cocktail option. Pre-orders open on the Midnight Rambler’s website on Sunday, February 6 at 6pm.If it’s too late to grab a table, à la carte options and wagyu sandwiches will be available both nights starting at 9pm

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