Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day 2022 Event Guide

Pokémon GO Valentine's Day 2022 Event Guide

Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day 2022 Event Guide


The Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event brings special rewards. Trainers can also find and capture Flabébé for the first time.

This Pokémon GO The Valentine’s Day 2022 event has its own set of useful bonuses.Celebrations are normal Pokémon GO Coinciding with real-world vacations. During the recent Chinese New Year event, it was possible for trainers to catch more Litleo than ever before.This is because 2022 is the year of the tiger in the lunar calendar, and Pokémon GO Even offers the chance to find its shiny form. With that event coming to an end, the Valentine’s Day event will be the next event to take its place.

Valentine’s Day at Pokémon GO It will take place on Thursday, February 10, 2022, from 10:00 am to Monday, February 14, 2022, at 8:00 pm local time. The event marked the first time trainers were able to find Flabébé.The first Fairy-type Pokémon Pokémon X and Y, the same generation that introduced fairy tale typing into the series. Flabébé, Floette, and its final evolution, Florges, can all be added to the player’s Pokédex. While the event only lasted for a limited time, the entire family will still be present in the game when the event ends.

Screencast of the day

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In order to evolve a Flabébé into a Floette, the player needs to give it 25 candies. This is simple and can be done by giving them enough wild Flabébé Pinap berries when they are caught. This item doubles the amount of candy earned at the end of each encounter. In order for Floette to reach Florges, players will need an additional 100 Flabébé Candies, and will need to quickly get 20 Friend Hearts. Luckily, this event is filled with active bonuses that make this quest easier to complete.

Valentine’s Day 2022 event in Pokémon GO

Pokemon go to Valentine's Day

These are all the benefits players can take advantage of during the game Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event.

All active bonuses

  • Decoy modules last twice as long.
  • Trainers capture Pokémon for twice as much candy.
  • The player’s friend Pokémon will return with gifts more often.
  • Evolving Kirlia into Gallade or Gardevoir will give it Charged Attack Synchronoise.

wild encounter

  • Alomomora
  • Audino
  • Blue Flower Flabébé: Available in Asia Pacific only.
  • Qian Xi
  • illuminate
  • CD
  • mir tank
  • Minon
  • Furfruo in its natural form
  • Orange Flower Flabébé: Available in every region.
  • Gale
  • Red Flower Flabébé: Available only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • beat
  • White Flower Flabébé: Available in every region.
  • wooba
  • Yellow Flower Flabébé: Available in the Americas only.


  • Audino (one star)
  • Furfrou (one star)
  • Garrard (3 star)
  • Gardevoir (3 stars)
  • Lickitung (3 star)
  • Mega Houndoom (Mega-Raid)
  • Mir Tank (one star)
  • Nidoking (3 star)
  • Nidoqueen (3 star)
  • Registeel (five star)
  • Roselia (one star)

There is another way to Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event.Trainers can find Furfrou in the Pokémon Warehouse and select change form. It will cost 25 Furfrou Candies and 10,000 Stardust, but since this option is only available during the event, it’s definitely worth it. There will also be an active collection challenge that will reward the trainer with a medal.

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Pokémon GO Now available on iOS and Android.

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