Poems for Easter Sunday 2021

Poems for Easter Sunday 2020

Poems for Easter Sunday 2021

An Easter Story About Resurrection Day
by George Wertman 1992

(Easter [a paschal feast, originally a pagan
festival in honor of the Goddess of Spring,
Eastre, held in April.]
Webster’s 1955 New Twentieth Century
Dictionary, Unabridged, Second Edition)

We get up early, fix our hair .
Our eyes compare the clothes we wear.
Vanity the world enhances,
His skin was torn, clothes sold for chances.

Brand new outfits, a nice clean car ,
We feel like kings and queens;
Fancy nutty cookies,
Spicy jelly beans.

Pecan nougat, coconut,
Peanut butter creams,
Sugar coated pastel peeps,
A basket full of dreams.

Multi-colored chicken eggs,
Happy morning scenes,
Hollow chocolate crosses;
Do we know what all this means?

Why not celebrate you say,
In such a festive, happy way?
The gifts we give, the things we do,
The birth of spring, the things so new?

Eastre is the ‘goddess’ ,
Of the Festival of Spring,
Diverting our attention,
To a fake and empty thing.

Baskets, birds and bunnies,
They make our children beg.
The Resurrection of my Lord,
Is more important than an egg.

The gifts we get, cannot compare,
To perfect love, precious, rare.
The gifts we give, they can’t mean much,
Unless our hearts, His hand has touched.

A perfect human sacrifice,
Is why this day is real.
A truth that can get buried,
In a tasty easter meal.

We lose the reason for the day,
When it’s time to carve the ham.
Today we can choose victory!
That’s why God bled the Lamb.

We’ve been searching for an answer,
Since the time of mankind’s fall.
The price is paid, we’ve all been bought!
But we must believe it all.

Our loving God is just,
Payment after sin a must.
Christ died, debt paid, you’re free,
Through faith we is how we trust.

When given the decision,
We hide behind our pride.
Humility, the door will open,
To let the truth inside.

His hand He holds from the unrighteous,
Your prayers are vain, don’t bother.
Unless you ask to be His child,
You’ve no right to call Him Father.

By choosing not to serve Him,
We choose a lord called ‘me’.
Then things of God seem foolish.
And many will not see.

The things we do to earn His love,
Are rags we wave around.
That work is filthy in His sight.
His Grace will not be found.

Those who live Wrong will be many,
For the way to destruction is wide.
Narrow the way which leads to life,
Few will find it, there’s no place to hide.

Some pray for help to all the others,
Not through the One who can.
The one and only Mediator,
Between our God and man.

The tools you use, He gave you,
Your mind, your mouth, your tongue.
It’s amazing He still loves you,
As you deny His son.

Surrender to His finished work,
Then your life eternal starts,
When through the Spirit you receive Him,
God looks into our hearts.

Only when we let Him,
Drive us gently to our knees.
Trusting and obeying
Can we begin to please.

There’s nothing you or I can do,
We only need believe.
Unless we give up trying,
His gift we can’t receive.

Sacrifices now mean nothing,
And repetitions vain.
There was One sacrifice for sins,
We can’t repeat His pain .

‘Work your way to heaven’ .
And so we try and try.
The words of men deceive us
With a clever, vicious lie.

False religion and tradition,
These things are man made history.
I live in Him, He lives in me,
Therein lies the mystery.

Our bodies die and rot away,
There is no need to fear It.
The gift of life is ours to keep,
When we receive His Spirit.

Holy blood left holy stains,
Upon a cross shaped alter.
His saving grace is always there,
His promise cannot falter.

Sinless, beaten, mocked and spit on,
A laugh for the Roman guard.
Triumph over torment,
His life could not be barred.

He took our sin and gave himself,
To death. with fingers strong and cold.
Eternal darkness strained to hold Him,
His power broke it’s hold!

This poem may stir feelings,
What it says and how it looks.
Good News is what these words proclaim,
Look in God’s Book of Books.

This day will mean so little,
To those who make a fuss,
Today is day is God’s reminder,
Of what He did for us.

How dare the customs of this world,
Wash out this JOYOUS day!
Believe He died to take your place,
Do not in darkness stay!

Receive Him now, new life He gives.
There is no other way!
God offers you His life through Christ.
So now what do you say? So now what do you say

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