Platinum and Caran D’Ache Pens for Valentine’s Day 2022

Platinum and Caran D'Ache Pens for Valentine's Day 2022

Platinum and Caran D’Ache Pens for Valentine’s Day 2022


Perfect for Valentine’s Day: Platinum Heart Pen with 14 karat rose gold nib.

Komatsu Yoshio

If you know a lot about fountain pens, you definitely know the name platinum. If you are new to quality pens, then you should look up this brand. The Japanese company has been around since 1919 and continues to produce beautifully designed pens – many of which incorporate traditional art forms – with nibs often described as “unparalleled”.

As for Caran d’Ache, the Geneva-based family-owned brand has been around since 1915, producing artist supplies and pens for generations of artists and other discerning lovers of writing instruments. Its collection of pens are known for the manual techniques used to make them, especially engraving. The company continues to manufacture artist supplies that are distributed around the world.

Platinum Heart

This Valentine’s Day, Platinum is unveiling a whimsical pen called Shape of Heart (#3776 Century Special Edition), with a clear crown surrounding a loose crystal of varying sizes and two gold hearts. I think the most interesting part is that each of the approximately 1.3mm hearts is made during the manufacturing process of the company’s 14 karat gold nibs, when the vent holes of the hearts are stamped out.

Loose crystals and two heart cutouts accent the crown.


Normally these cut pieces would be re-melted and used to make extra nibs, but here they are used as part of the pen’s love-inspired trim to a surprising advantage. The monochromatic pen doesn’t feature any extras, save for the metal trim that lets the crown really shine.

The Shape of Heart pens are limited to 2,000 pens, each featuring the company’s acclaimed Slip & Seal mechanism. There are three nib sizes to choose from: extra fine, fine and medium, and cartridge or converter filled pens are available in a special display/gift box that also includes a bottle of blue Aurora ink, a converter and a blue Black ink cartridge. Put it in a decorative bag or use some red wrapping paper and it’s ready for Valentine’s Day!

Caran d’Ache Ecridor Lamp

Introduced in 1953, the Ecridor is one of the true mainstays of the Caran d’Ache line of writing instruments, with its hexagonal shape and ability to ornately present a variety of guilloche carvings – taking each to the extreme. The Ecridor was first introduced as a pencil, then a ballpoint pen, and now the range also includes a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen. Most of the pens in the Ecridor collection are suitable for engraving and all have unique finishes that shine like jewels.

Caran d’Ache Ecridor lamp.


The engraving of the new Ecridor Lights ballpoint pen is inspired by baguette-cut diamonds. Its high-precision hand-polishing by master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache further accentuates the beauty of the 18-karat gold coating, making it both a piece of jewelry and a pen. The Caran d’Ache logo is laser engraved on the button on the crown.

It comes with a medium Goliath ink refill (black) for hours of uninterrupted writing. The revolutionary Goliath has a rotating ballpoint pen made of tungsten carbide for smooth writing, delivering up to 600 pages of A4 paper (approximately 8.5″ x 11″). Like the pen, it is made in the Caran d’Ache workshop in Geneva, where there are quality control rules.

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