Pillsbury’s 2022 Valentine’s Day cookies include ready-to-bake hearts

Pillsbury's 2022 Valentine's Day cookies include ready-to-bake hearts

Pillsbury’s 2022 Valentine’s Day cookies include ready-to-bake hearts


whatever you plan to spend For Valentine’s Day with your SO or buddies, you need to make sure your pantry is full of treats.Thankfully, Pillsbury’s 2022 Valentine’s Day Cookie Dough Collection includes two returning favorites It’s easy to do. Pre-cut sugar cookies shaped like hearts and pre-decorated with pink and red hearts on the cookies, you have a variety of options. Sweet treats are only available for a limited time, so here’s what you need to know about Pillsbury’s Valentine’s Day lineup to make this holiday so sweet.

Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is less than a month away, which means it’s time to start channeling the remaining holiday spirit into the upcoming V-Day celebrations. The best way to do this is to stock up on Pillsbury’s Valentine’s Day-themed cookie dough called Shape Hearts Sugar Cookie Dough and Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough.Grocery Stores Offer Every Valentine’s Day Flavor From mid-January 2022, nationwide, they’re ready to bake so you can have a party in minutes. Plus, if that’s not exciting enough, according to Pillsbury, both cookie dough options are safe to eat raw, which means if that’s more of your vibe, you can enjoy your best taste straight from the package. Love the Valentine’s Day themed dough.

So, which cookie dough should you choose for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a rundown of ready-to-bake bites.

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Pillsbury Shape Hearts Sugar Cookie Dough is a classic V-Day treat sure to make you miss swapping Valentine’s Day in school. The pack comes with 20 pre-cut sugar cookies with red and pink hearts.

Meanwhile, the Pillsbury Heart Cutout Shape Sugar Cookie Dough comes with 20 pre-cut cookies that can be enjoyed individually or decorated with a layer (or layers) of frosting.

Finally, as an unconventional V-Day bonus, if you prefer marshmallows to hearts, you can always prepare ahead for St. Patrick’s Day with the Pillsbury Lucky Charms Cookie Dough. Mixed with the typical marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal, this sugar cookie dough makes 12 large cookies and can be enjoyed in the morning or late at night.

Valentine’s Day will pass before you know it, so be sure to get your sweet tooth ready before the big day. As always, remember to check CDC guidelines for the latest health rules before heading to the store.

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