Pig Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Pig Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Pig Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

Pig sign in Chinese zodiac is a symbol of peace and friendliness. Pig’s sign people are kind, trustful but sometimes too naive. A person born under the Pig sign is usually an owner of rare moral traits. Pig sign is distinguished by open heart, kindness towards others and generosity. People of this sign are warm-hearted and merciful to other people’s weaknesses. However, they can be too straightforward. They usually have a very good taste and like art. Friendliness and optimism of these men are very attractive for people. They usually have few friends but tend to be loyal to them to death.

Chinese Name: 豬 (Zhū)

Trine Of The Chinese Zodiac: Fourth

Fixed Element: Water

Polarity: Yin

Earthly Branch: 亥 (Hài)

Season: Winter

Closest Western Zodiac: Scorpio

Lunar Month: Tenth

Week Day: Thursday

Auspicious Hours Of The Day: 9PM – 11PM (21.00 – 22.59)

Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Best Match: Pig, Rabbit, Goat

Average Match: Dog, Tiger, Horse, Dragon, Monkey, Rat, Rooster, Ox

No Match: Snake

Pig Lucky Things

Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 6, 8

Lucky Colors: yellow

Lucky Stones: Aquamarine, Turquoise, Red Agate

Lucky Flowers: Lily, Saintpaulia

Pig Unlucky Things

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Unlucky Colors: red, blue

Pig Zodiac Sign Traits

The general Pig zodiac sign traits are friendliness, mercy and kind heart. They are very caring and love to help others. Due to their easy-going nature, people of this sign are very popular among others. They are able to give useful advice and to be tolerant to others’ mistakes. People under Pig’s sign are honest and sensitive. Sometimes they can be too trustful and easily deceived. However, they easily forgive and never revenge. Pig’s sign people are stable, strong-willed and tend to plan every step. If they set a goal, nothing can stop them. But sometimes these people lack decisiveness. They also have a strong sense of responsibility and rarely ask for help. If these men face problems, they tend to manage them by themselves. In most cases, Pig’s sign people are calm and peaceful. At the same time, they might be too straightforward and hot-tempered. It happens when somebody disagrees with his or her views. They are clever but never cunning. They are more likely to be deceived than to deceive somebody. It is usually a hardworking and scrupulous worker. These people are able to earn good money. However, money is not the most important thing for them. Pig people are reliable and faithful friends that will never leave you in trouble. For their friends Pig’s sign people are ready to do everything. They are tender parents. However, they tend to be too controlling and restrict children’s freedom.

Pig Zodiac Sign Strengths

Pig zodiac sign strengths are optimism, kind heart and life loving. He or she is calm, good-natured and prudent. They look like naive optimists and very trusting people. Pig’s sign people are the most honest and generous among other Chinese signs. They love to care of people and usually appreciate friendship. They are ambitious and rather hardworking people. However, often they do not need to work hard as they are rather financially lucky. These merciful and peaceful people never make conflicts. They are usually reliable friends and tender parents.

Pig Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Pig zodiac sign weaknesses are trustfulness and lack of decisiveness. They are too trustful and always believe in what they are told. Unfortunately, people often use it for their advantage. Pig’s sign people tend to strongly suffer of deception. They also can fall into depression. They are usually too hesitating and dependent on others’ opinion. They tend to think too long and lack decisiveness. Sometimes it prevents them from making success. In love relations, these people may show jealousy and hot-temper.

Pig Woman

Pig Woman is enthusiastic and sincere. She is active and likes to organize and participate in different events. She is friendly and easily wins the trust of others. Pig Women are self-assured and strong-willed personalities. They respect people and like to be respected too. They are warm-hearted, tender and have rich feelings. However, they can be too emotional and stubborn. These women usually make perfect wives and mothers. They like their house and keep it perfectly. They are neat and cannot stand a mess. This true woman is able to subordinate and support her husband. Pig women are generous and caring. They adore their children and enjoy spending time with them.

Pig Man

A man of this sigh is cheerful, tender and cannot be angry. He is open-hearted and easily trusts people. These men are very calm no matter what obstacles they face. They do not like to argue and never make conflicts. Any argument they are able to settle thanks to their inborn diplomacy and charm. Pig man is rather popular in any company, especially among women. This is an attentive, patient and faithful partner in love affairs. He believes in marriage and tends to support his family. However, he might be extremely jealous. Pig man is responsible, persistent and honestly goes towards his goal. Pig men are hardworking and usually financially successful. However, they tend to badly manage money and do not attach much importance to it.

Famous People Born In The Year of The Pig

Alain Delon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dalai Lama, Elton John, Hillary Clinton, Michael Kors, Stephen King…
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